Renaissance Flow 360 Updates

Last updated: November 17, 2017

Renaissance Flow 360™

Renaissance Flow 360™ is an innovative solution designed to make assessment-driven personalized instruction and practice a reality. Renaissance Flow 360 seamlessly connects assessment, planning, instruction, practice, and professional development all in one place, allowing educators to drive and monitor growth for every student in their district.

Fundamental to Renaissance Flow 360 is the Renaissance Growth Alliance™, a collaboration with thought-leading instructional providers that will leverage broad and precise views of student performance.


In the coming months, we will be enhancing key areas of our assessment and practice solutions as well as improving our lesson planning tools and reporting views.

Educators who have Renaissance Flow 360 will automatically benefit from the changes in Star 360 and Accelerated Reader 360, including:

  • Improved navigation, making it even easier to connect assessment, planning, instruction, and practice
  • Unified goal setting for reading and math, providing educators with one place to track and monitor progress towards goals
  • Streamlined reporting and dashboards, giving teachers more options to view and analyze student results and growth

We are committed to providing educators with actionable insights and meaningful resources to accelerate learning for all students.


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A fresh new home page and improved navigation for your ease of use across all Renaissance products

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Updated goal setting capabilities and a new goal setting page

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Monitor and review student’s progress towards reading and math skills mastery and growth expectations with intuitive reports and powerful dashboards.

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New tools to help build a partnership with parents

Components of Renaissance Flow 360


  • Updated norms are now available for the English versions of Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy. The updated norms include grades K-12 for Star Reading, grades 1-12 for Star Math, and grades K-3 for Star Early Literacy.


Watch these videos to get ready for the school year!

Resources arriving for you soon:

  • A guide to your favorite Star Reports

New Planner landing page


The planner landing page makes it easier for you to see your current, upcoming and past lesson plans.

Lesson plan setup page


The lesson plan setup page clarifies the first steps needed to create a new lesson plan.

Product logos

new logos 550x346

Product logos now appear in the planner so it’s easier to distinguish between practice assignments and skill checks.

Reading Practice enhancements


New student and teacher tools make it easier than ever to motivate and manage meaningful reading practice


Watch the videos (here, or at the bottom of the page) to get ready for upcoming school year!

The best way to incentivize your students and motivate reading practice is to set personalized goals for each of your students. Research has shown that when students are assigned personalized goals in Accelerated Reader, they can achieve greater growth in reading. Because of that, we are working on updating and improving support for individualized goals, but have made the decision to retire functionality surrounding both the Points Management and Teams area of Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Reader 360.

  • The Student Points Reports and the Points Management functionality will only be available for a limited time at the beginning of the school year.
  • The Team Standing Chart Report, Team Status Chart Reports, and the area where you create Accelerated Reader Teams will only be available for a limited time at the beginning of the school year.

To eliminate mid-year disruption, it is recommended that you do not use these areas with your Accelerated Reader implementation this school year.

  • If you choose to manage your implementation with points earned, used or awarded, you may want to consider managing this outside of the software so as not to cause mid-year disruption. You can continue to find how many points students have earned using the Diagnostic Report.
  • If you like to create unique challenges, you may consider doing school level or classroom level challenges using the information found on the Diagnostic Report.
  • The implementation guide can also help guide you to getting started using individualized goals if you are not already doing so.

The TOPs Report is currently being updated.

  • After the new TOPS report is available, the Spanish version will be unavailable.
  • If you set the TOPS Report Language preference for your students to view the TOPs Report in Spanish, those students would begin to see the report only in English after the updates later this fall. You may want to consider not setting a Spanish preference this year to avoid mid-year disruption.

Quiz retake rules for the books that have both a Spanish and English quiz will be changing.

  • If a student takes the quiz in one language, they will not be able to take the quiz again in the second language.
  • This is currently controlled with the Allow Multi-Language Quizzing, however that preference will no longer be honored after we release the updates. You may want to consider leaving this preference set to the default to prohibit such quizzing and avoid mid-year disruption.

Progress Pulse and KeyWords was retired in July 2017 and will no longer be supported.

In July 2017, if your students read books using myON, Lerner Brain Hive, CapStone Interactive, or Mackin Via eBooks software, they will need to take their quizzes using the Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360 web browser application.

iOS apps for Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360 were retired in July 2017. To avoid confusion with students and staff, we recommend you remove the Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360 apps from your iOS devices. Even though the iOS apps have been retired the apps still appear to work on your devices. However, the student quiz data from the iOS app will not populate in your Renaissance account and the student would have to retake the quiz in the web browser.

We do suggest setting up a short cut on your devices that links directly to the Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360 web browser application.

New math goal setting tool


You can now set math goals for your students the same way you set reading goals.

Improved reporting capabilities


New reports to help monitor student’s progress towards mastery of math skills.

Getting started and professional development


  • New course suite to help educators learn features that are consistent across programs
  • An updated and easier-to-navigate structure within the Course Suites
  • A content locator tool
  • New Coaching Model to make your data coaching sessions even more personalized to intended outcomes
  • Badging

Announcing Renaissance Smart Start Product Training:

  • Included with purchase for all customers
  • An updated and easier-to-navigate structure within the Course Suites
  • Access training videos, tutorials, and materials to help educators get started successfully with their programs.

Explore all professional development updates

For more detailed product support:

For more detailed product support: