Student-driven. Teacher-guided.

Accelerated Reader puts students in the driver’s seat. You guide students, while engaging quizzes and activities help hone students’ reading skills with authentic practice—encouraging growth.


Personalized goals help students stay focused on the factors that matter most for reading growth—and help you monitor their progress and provide feedback to keep learners on track.


Individual reading recommendations use students’ interests and reading levels to suggest “just-right” titles—or students can self-select from over 220,000 choices!


“Just reading” transforms into high-quality reading practice that fuels growth: Reading quizzes monitor comprehension, while literacy skills and vocabulary quizzes extend student learning and build skills mastery.


Detailed reports provide insights into students’ progress. Paired with Renaissance Star Reading®, track students’ mastery of focus skills aligned to state-specific learning standards. See how Accelerated Reader boosts growth.

Accelerated Reader for administrators, teachers, and families

Create a culture of reading

From recognizing students’ achievements to students discovering new interests, Accelerated Reader helps create a culture of reading through choice.

Students who read more perform better in all their academic coursework. Help all your teachers make up for lost instructional time by helping students learn to love reading. This isn’t high dosage tutoring, but its impact may be even greater.

Literacy for Classrooms | Match students with the right reading materials

Personalized dashboards and reports provide insights on your students’ progress, as well as what they’re reading—giving you the ability to differentiate and personalize instruction.

Literacy for communities | Keep families in the loop

Families can access real-time information on their child’s reading progress, sign up to receive emails about quizzes, and use Renaissance Home ConnectTM to make reading a regular conversation outside of school.

Explore what makes Accelerated Reader effective

Set students up for future success

Goal setting

Create personalized goals around comprehension, engaged reading time, and students’ reading levels to keep them on the path to future success.

AR Turn On Goals
Set Reading Goals for popup for Quarter 1 in Accelerated Reader.

Choice and motivation

Motivate students with tailored reading recommendations and endless choice. Accelerated Reader matches students with books and articles aligned to their unique interests and reading levels.

Additionally, students, parents, and educators can use Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to help find the next great read.

Accelerated Reader find a book, article, or quiz screenshot.

Nonfiction and close-reading

Built-in nonfiction articles keep students engaged. Students can explore articles on a variety of topics to build background knowledge and sharpen their close-reading skills.

Accelerated Reader find a book, article, or quiz screenshot - nonfiction results.
Accelerated Reader skills cat article screenshot - nonfiction results.

Comprehensive practice

In addition to Accelerated Reader comprehension quizzes, a vast number of titles offer Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills quizzes as well.

Accelerated Reader read now screenshot
Accelerated Reader advanced search screenshot

Monitor reading practice

Powerful reports provide quick and efficient insight into each student’s progress, freeing you to spend more time with each student.

Accelerated Reader report screenshot.
Accelerated Reader record book screenshot.

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How does Accelerated Reader work?

How it works



Encourage students to find something to read! Accelerated Reader has quizzes on more than 220,000 books, ensuring students never run out of choices.



This is the best part! Students get to read a book of their choosing. Students can read in class, at home, or out and about in the community.



Once they finish a book, students take a short quiz on what they’ve read. Each quiz is written to ensure students have read the entire book.



You gain instant insight into students’ quiz results. Use that data to set goals, monitor students’ continued progress, and personalize lesson plans.

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Recommended research and resources

Additional white papers, special reports, guides, & more

The Role of Individualized Reading Practice

Study of 2.8 million kids finds students are nearly twice as likely to be college and career ready with Accelerated Reader

What Kids Are Reading

The world’s largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits shows you the most popular books at every grade level.

The Research Foundation for Accelerated Reader

Dozens of studies support the science behind—and prove the efficacy of—Accelerated Reader

Success builds more success. Renaissance has been with us each step of the way as we work to serve students better. We want students to own their education—and we’re getting there.

Rosemary Batzel • Principal, Divine Mercy Catholic School

Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Real stories from real educators

Creating a flourishing reading culture

See how Accelerated Reader and myON are helping an elementary school to increase daily reading time—both in and out of the classroom.

Louisiana school notes two-grade improvement in school performance

In just four years, a principal has led renewed efforts to boost achievement, helping the school advance nearly two letter grades on state school performance scores.

Certified by Digital Promise

The Research-Based Design Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school administrators, educators, and families looking for evidence of research-based education technology products that are based in research about learning.

Digital Promise 2021

Learn more about how Accelerated Reader can help educators create a culture of reading

Resources designed to help deliver meaningful results

Get the most out of Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Curious what books have quizzes? Search from more than 220,000 books based on authors, topics, or titles.

Defining ATOS

What is ATOS? How is it determined? Discover what goes into an ATOS level and how our team determines an ATOS level for each book.

Star Reading

Explore how Accelerated Reader integrates with Star Reading to share data across products and inform instruction.

Additional resources


Discover how Accelerated Reader accelerates growth for all learners


See how we select books for new Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Common funding sources for Accelerated Reader

Identify available funding sources

Schools and districts typically use one or more of the sources below to purchase Accelerated Reader

School & District Budgets

Many educators secure funding by requesting allocations from existing school or district budgets.

State & Federal Funds

Both formula and competitive funding may be available through your state or the US Department of Education.

Foundation & Corporate Grants

Local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and national companies often offer grants to support education.

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