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Universal Screening

Fuel your decision-making process with actionable data regarding state proficiency, RTI/MTSS intervention needs, and further evaluation for dyslexia.

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Effective screening for proficiency, RTI/MTSS, and dyslexia begins with the right assessment

Renaissance solution components

Assess reading, math, and early literacy skills with accuracy and learn how to use the data to drive next steps.

Universal Screening

Assess with efficiency

Administer Star Assessments in your computer lab or classroom in less than 20 minutes of testing time and immediately access valid and reliable results.

Intervene where needed most

Compare student performance to state test proficiency expectations or RTI/MTSS benchmarks and plan appropriate next steps.

Answer key questions

Which students would benefit from intervention services? Advanced coursework? Further evaluation for dyslexia or other special needs?

Empower your data team

Professional learning guides teachers and PLCs through the screening process as they investigate how to best serve students.


The earlier educators start using universal screening data to help students who need differentiated instruction, the better the odds that those students catch up.

-Wright, J. (2007). RTI toolkit: A practical guide for schools (p. 55). Port Chester, NY: National Professional Resources.

Renaissance solutions support ESSA goals

Formula and competitive funds can help you meet your program goals and initiative outcomes. Funding sources to consider:

  • Title I
  • Title II
  • General assessment funds

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