Recognizing every student’s true potential

At Renaissance, we believe the right technology can unlock a more effective learning experience: one in which every student grows to their full potential and teachers are freed up to do what they do best—teach. It’s amazing what we can achieve when the right technology helps us see what each student needs and chart their path to success.

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The Renaissance ecosystem

Our instructional ecosystem gives teachers and administrators a clear view of their students every step of the way. Simple, accurate assessment tools show teachers exactly where students are and what they’re ready to learn next. Engaging and flexible instructional tools personalize learning to each student’s unique needs, while insights and data solutions provide administrators with x-ray vision into what’s happening in their schools.


Practice &


Accurate assessment

Measure student learning and inform instruction with valid and reliable data.

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Engaging practice & instruction
Practice &

Accelerate growth and ensure students build the skills they need for success.

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Actionable insights

Improve student outcomes and promote equity through data-based decision making.

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See how one district uses Renaissance to transform student learning

Discover why Monroe County, Florida, and thousands of other districts rely on Renaissance solutions to drive greater student growth.

Continually innovating with bold connected products

Insights and actions for education

Renaissance’s interconnected solutions accurately assess learning and growth, provide insight-driven instruction and practice, and take a whole-child approach to data-informed decisions.


Open, connected, & easy

Students learn better when we all work together. That’s why our products work together to provide the kind of assessment-driven instruction your students need to grow.


Uniquely data-driven

We believe that important decisions should be informed by reliable and valid insights—especially when those decisions impact students, student outcomes, and achievement.

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Designed to motivate

We start with the student, and we address teacher values and needs. Like all of us, when students see the results of their work–and feel it–they are motivated to grow.

The latest from Renaissance

Back-to-School Resources

Back-to-School Resources

Make sure you’re set up for success with your Renaissance products. Access helpful resources, including to-do lists, product setup steps, rostering information, student and family engagement kits, and free webinars.

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<em>What Kids Are Reading</em>: 2023 Edition

What Kids Are Reading: 2023 Edition

Which print and digital books are students reading the most at each grade level? Which new titles will capture students’ interest? Get the answers—along with new insights on reading growth—in the latest edition of What Kids Are Reading.

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<em>How Kids Are Performing</em>

How Kids Are Performing

How much progress are students making in reading and math nationwide? Visit our interactive webpage to explore key trends in student performance and growth at each grade level from fall 2017 through spring 2023.

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Focus Skills

Focus Skills

Focus Skills are—simply put—the building blocks of student learning. Based on extensive research into how learning progresses in reading and mathematics, Focus Skills provide a roadmap for closing learning gaps as you move every student toward greater mastery.

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Resources from Renaissance

Blog posts

Assessment buyer beware: Is your assessment a “black box”?

Assessment buyer beware: Is your assessment a “black box”?

A regular part of my job involves responding to questions from educators about our Renaissance assessment suite. Often, these questions involve other products in the market. How are Renaissance’s assessments alike or different? How do they compare in terms of performance? Do they use similar… […]
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Success stories

Providing an easy-to-use universal SEL screener to a high-achieving district

Providing an easy-to-use universal SEL screener to a high-achieving district

Dr. Rachel Andler, Director of Student Support Services at South Fayette Township School District, identified the need for a social-emotional component in their return to school roadmap following COVID and sought a partner who could help deliver a light touch alternative to a mental health… […]
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Strategies for More Effective Progress Monitoring

Strategies for More Effective Progress Monitoring

Join us to learn practical, evidence-based strategies for improving school-wide acceptance and use of progress monitoring data.

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