Getting started with Renaissance Next

Join us for a live webinar to explore key features and functionality, along with steps for getting started.

Meet Renaissance Next [0:40]

Teaching made easier

Renaissance Next is a powerful new teacher experience that advances instruction and empowers educators with in-the-moment recommendations to support instructional decisions, including planning for whole-class instruction, small group work, and individual practice. Renaissance Next streamlines teachers’ workflows by seamlessly bringing lessons, resources, and activities together—helping them to better personalize teaching and truly See Every Student.

With Renaissance Next, assessment, practice, and instruction data from across the Renaissance ecosystem is viewable on a single homepage. High-quality teacher support tools provide actionable insights as well as lesson and skill practice recommendations, so you can make informed decisions about what each student needs next.

Streamline work in the classroom

Easily access Renaissance products and tools from one centralized hub to support instruction planning and drive efficiency in the classroom.

Features of Renaissance Next

Empower teacher decisions with data-driven recommendations

Renaissance Next keeps teachers at the front of every instructional decision. With powerful insight-driven recommendations at their fingertips, learning is personalized, and the timing from instructional planning to delivery is optimized, so educators can unlock the full potential of the classroom.

Time consuming tasks are automated, empowering educators to make informed decisions faster. Teachers can focus on insightful analysis, creating a dynamic learning environment, and fostering meaningful connections with students.

Leaders can access what their teachers are experiencing with Renaissance Next and see how it is bringing value to their schools and classrooms.

Get access to Renaissance Next

Access the transformative power of Renaissance Next when you have or purchase any two of the qualifying products listed and are Renaissance rostered.

Move beyond static data toward a dynamic learning journey based on decades of research and expertise.

Nearpod and Renaissance Next

Renaissance Next surfaces recommended Nearpod resources based on math and ELA assessment performance, making it easy to target instruction for students’ needs. Nearpod is an instructional component of the Renaissance ecosystem, helping teachers deliver active, data-rich, and engaging instruction.

Renaissance Next: Teaching made easier [1:38]

Renaissance Next brings assessment, practice, and instruction data into one place. See firsthand how our new teacher experience transforms personalized learning, recommends high-quality lessons and resources, and empowers educators to make data-driven decisions. Get ready to streamline instruction, celebrate success, and See Every Student.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Renaissance Next for my school?

Renaissance customers simply need to be Renaissance rostered and have at least two of the following products: Star Assessments, Accelerated Reader, Freckle, Lalilo, or myON. 

Will there be training for Renaissance Next?

Teachers will automatically experience a guided click-path when first launching Renaissance Next. We will also have additional resources to share, including How To Webinars and professional learning sessions.

How can I make lesson plans more interesting?

Students engage with lessons that are relevant, productive, and meet their academic level. Use various methods and resources to find ways to make a lesson tailored to their specific needs and interests. Avoid fluff, find ways to relate the topic to real life, and use a mixture of visuals, written explanations, and hands—on activities. Renaissance Next can help by recommending engaging resources based on student data. A personalized, research—backed approach keeps students excited and motivated.

As a district leader, can I get a view of how my teachers are using Renaissance Next in their classrooms?

District and school leaders can get access to view schools and classrooms in their district who are using Renaissance Next.

What are the best technology tools for the classroom?

The right technology tools can foster student engagement, improve personalized learning, and elevate teacher insight. Look for platforms that analyze student data and make recommendations based on assessments, like Renaissance Next. By bringing data from multiple sources into one space, every student is appropriately challenged while avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

How do you implement personalized learning in the classroom?

Personalized learning is key to increasing engagement, improving knowledge retention, and supporting motivation in students. The right technology helps implement this strategy by accurately assessing and dynamically tracking student skills. Since each student learns in their own way, it’s important to see a breakdown of performance on an individual level. Insight and planning tools like Renaissance Next assist personalized learning even further by providing actionable recommendations to make the right instructional decisions. Teachers can take personalized action and track student progress, all in one place.

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