Differentiated practice and instruction

Easily identify each student’s individual level and deliver “just-right” practice aligned to math and ELA standards. As students practice independently, Freckle continuously adapts and provides content that fits the variety of ways they learn best. Use Freckle to support high-dosage tutoring, independent practice, or whole-class instruction.


Differentiated Practice Across Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science

Skills-based math practice students will ask for

Freckle is flexible, captivating every learner with differentiated practice, and is designed to be both teacher-led and student-paced. You can assign specific math exercises based on grade-level standards, and for students who need practice outside of their grade level, Freckle can provide self-paced practice that continuously adapts as they progress. Real-world lessons encourage students to work in groups to solve fun, practical challenges with the skills they’ve learned.

  • Coverage of standards and skills from Kindergarten through Algebra 2
  • Aligned to state standards and to Common Core
  • Over 92,000 unique math questions available
  • As students work, supports such as audio and hints guide them through their practice and help them solve problems without giving up
  • Additional math fact practice and inquiry-based resources help drive deeper understanding

Learn more about how students who used Freckle for 100 days avoided the COVID-19 Slide and actually exceeded expectations.

Differentiated Practice Across Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science

Students can practice specific nonfiction, fiction, and grammar standards at their level.

  • Aligned to state standards and to Common Core
  • Over 1,000 nonfiction and fiction passages available
  • Optional read aloud audio to help support each student’s journey
  • Addresses skills such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing conventions

Students who are reading to learn will read short passages, and longer fiction and nonfiction texts. Assign one of our 500+ nonfiction articles and each of your students will automatically receive it at their reading level. Your students will answer reading comprehension questions and can even respond to writing prompts.

With student- and class-level insights, teachers can celebrate growth and know exactly what students are ready to learn next.

Freckle ELA is part of Renaissance’s Individualized Skills Practice for Literacy along with Lalilo. Together, they support the needs of all students whether learning to read or reading to learn. Freckle supports students who are reading independently, and Lalilo supports students who are still mastering foundational skills.

It’s a one-stop shop for the core 4 subjects: Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science

Add Science and Social Studies to math and/or ELA

  • No need for teachers to have to search around for additional lessons or materials—everything they need is right in their dashboard
  • It’s easy to prepare interactive lessons with ready-made Science and Social Studies units aligned to state standards
  • Share student rosters and information across all four subjects
  • Freckle’s data on students’ reading levels will be used to present them with science and social studies readings at their level

Freckle for teachers, administrators, and students

Differentiated teaching, the way you want it

Unlimited assignments and easy-to-use lesson planning, along with Freckle’s student-paced practice, means that you can meet every student where they are—in a way they’ll enjoy.

With the Star integration, one assessment informs all domain placements across Freckle—no pre-test needed.

Premium customers have access to Focus Skills practice—a unique practice mode to accelerate learning so that all students achieve grade-level proficiency.

Perfect for schools and districts

You’ll have all the data and insights you need to accelerate learning in both math and ELA (K–12).

  • Student self-paced and teacher-led
  • Integrated with your other favorite classroom tools, like Clever and ClassLink, for easy implementation
  • Roster once across all your Renaissance products, and power Freckle with data from Star Assessments

With access to your Admin Dashboard, you can easily see how much students are growing at the district, school, and teacher level.

Practice they’ll ask for

Students appreciate that Freckle is gamified. When they reach milestone moments, their growth is celebrated with reward “coins” that they can spend in the Piggy Store. They’ll tell you that Freckle is fun and—believe it or not—they’ll ask to spend more time practicing.

Students work independently and can track their own growth and progress, so they have a sense of ownership of their learning journey. When students get stuck, customized supports guide them through practice, so they are encouraged to never give up.

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Effective practice and differentiated instruction accelerates growth

The research is clear: when we meet students where they are, students are much more likely to grow.

Teachers can assign whole-class or individualized assignments in Freckle, and students can self-pace their own practice. Either way, Freckle continuously adapts to meet students where they are. Because of its direct support for differentiated teaching and its adaptive, personalized practice, using Freckle with your students will mean educators can ensure that every student gets the practice they need.

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2024 CODiE siia codie awards education technology finalist logo

CODiE Awards recognition finalist

  • Best Language Arts Instructional Solution for Grades PK – 8
  • Best Mathematics Instructional Solution for Grades PK – 12
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Facilitating student engagement by providing work at the just-right level

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Certified by Digital Promise

The Research-Based Design Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school administrators, educators, and families looking for evidence of research-based education technology products that are based in research about learning.

Real stories from real educators

Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Recommended research

Students who practiced math and ELA using Freckle saw higher levels of growth from fall-to-winter. This positive outcome increased as students engaged in practice that met or exceeded Freckle guidelines and as they used the program for more weeks in the school year.

Approved by administrators and teachers globally

Freckle became what it is in Freehold because of the teacher movement. That’s why it has taken off.

Ali Ryan, Information & Educational Technology Coordinator, Freehold, NJ

Freckle has helped our teachers gain instant data on students. Now our staff knows where to target lessons to address trouble areas and to see what areas students are having success with.

Jerilyn Hogan, Technology Integration Specialist, South Glens Falls, NY

We’ve seen significant growth across the board, especially for our lower performing students.

Sandy Rehler, Curriculum Coordinator, Ashburnham, MA

The kids like using it. They get competitive with each other over who can answer the most questions and earn the most coins!

Briana Sanford, Academic Coach, Oasis Charter School

Learn more about how Freckle can help you reach every student at their own level


Highlighted Freckle case studies

bulldog bridge badge

South Glens Falls Central School District

With the change to Common Core, Jerilyn Hogan (Technology Integration Specialist for the South Glens Falls Central School District in New York) and her team were inspired to look for resources that could help their teachers reach each of their students at their level.

Freehold Township School District logo

Freehold Township School District

“We’ve always just wanted to push the envelope to be innovative and focus on what our kids need in the changing world,” said Ali Ryan, the Information & Educational Technology Coordinator at Freehold Township.

oasis charter school logo

Oasis Charter School

Oasis Charter School in Salinas, California, is a leader in differentiated instruction. Educators at Oasis take pride in accounting for students’ individual needs and skill levels with every lesson.


Maximize the impact of Freckle


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Renaissance Freckle: Reach all your students at their own level

Learn how Freckle can help you differentiate teaching and practice for every student.

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Meet Freckle

See what other teachers have to say about the impact they were able to make with Freckle.

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Federal funds for Freckle

Freckle can help schools meet goals under ESSA and qualify for formula and competitive funds. Schools and districts can use the following federal funds to purchase Freckle:

Find correlations, guidance documents, and other funding resources

Visit Renaissance’s comprehensive funding page for additional support.

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A Renaissance representative can provide you with a more detailed understanding of Freckle and help you decide if it’s the right tool for you and your students.

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