Renaissance products correlate to 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants

Enable students to improve their academic achievement

If you are applying for one of your state’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21stCCLC) grants, Renaissance can lend a hand. Our assessment, literacy, and math solutions are proven to help students meet state and local standards in core academic subjects—the key purpose of the program.

These grants fund a broad array of before- and after-school opportunities (including during the summer months) to provide academic enrichment. Using these funds, you can enable students to improve their academic achievement through reading and math practice, provide tutoring, help students learn to use technology, promote language skills for English learners, and offer parent involvement and family literacy programs.

Incorporating Renaissance Star Assessments® (in English or Spanish), Renaissance Accelerated Reader®, Renaissance myON® Reader, Renaissance myON® News, powered by News-O-Matic, and Renaissance Accelerated Math® into your program will provide a comprehensive approach to meeting the diverse needs of the students you serve.


Adding Renaissance professional development options will offer practical support to your 21st CCLC staff, especially those who are not classroom teachers. Choose from Renaissance-U® courses, best practices tutorials and guides, virtual seminars, implementation site visits, and data coaching.

Since grant dollars decrease toward the end of the multi-year funding period, sustainability is an important element of your 21st CCLC plan. We can help you think through sustainability strategies, including how to engage your stakeholders, how to present program outcomes to potential funders, and how to secure private funding.

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