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Enhance reading proficiency with Individualized Skills Practice

Lalilo is part of Renaissance’s Individualized Skills Practice for Literacy along with Freckle ELA. Together, they support the needs of all students whether learning to read or reading to learn. Lalilo supports students who are still mastering foundational skills, and Freckle supports students who are reading independently.

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Adaptive foundational literacy practice

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Watch how Lalilo’s engaging, playful platform helps learners explore new concepts with adaptive exercises, then encourages students to keep coming back for more and foster a love of reading.


See Lalilo in action

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The role of individualized Lalilo practice

Special Report

A study of 15,839 students in grades K–2 shows that foundational literacy practice with Lalilo is associated with higher levels of growth in general literacy achievement. Further, students who used Lalilo had higher levels of growth in general literacy achievement than students from the same school districts who did not use the program.

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My students cheer when it’s time for Lalilo! Lalilo has made a huge difference as students get instruction and practice when I can’t physically be with each one.

Beth Marlatt, Teacher, Hulett School

Lalilo is an awesome program that students find engaging and that works to meet their level and needs. It is such a beautiful and well-needed program that all teachers and students should cherish.

Jessica Furr, Teacher, The Burlington School

Lalilo is perfect for differentiating phonics instruction and allowing student independence. My students enjoy the game aspect of Lalilo and are excited to earn books, badges, and rewards as they make progress. Lalilo has become a staple in my classroom.

Andrea King, Teacher, Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School

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ESSA and Federal Funding

Federal funds for Lalilo

Lalilo can help schools meet goals under ESSA and qualify for formula and competitive funds. Schools and districts can use the following federal funds to purchase Lalilo:

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