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Reading, math, and social-emotional behavior

Drive instruction and intervention with research-based assessments

FastBridge’s valid and reliable assessments help educators identify students’ academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs faster, align the right interventions at the right time, and measure whether interventions are helping students catch up—all in one platform.


Make targeted decisions with one system to guide academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) improvements and interventions.


Ensure valid and reliable results with research-based tools developed in collaboration with researchers.


Spend less time testing and more time teaching with a system that informs and monitors student learning in 30 mins or less.


Drive student achievement and growth with powerful data from universal screening and progress monitoring tools.

Streamline assessment, improve student outcomes

FastBridge combines computer-adaptive testing (CAT) with curriculum-based measures (CBM) for academics and SEB in one platform.
Universal Screening and progress monitoring

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Fuel your data-driven MTSS with screening and progress monitoring


Ensure all K–12 students become successful readers.


Help all K–12 students master the math skills they need to succeed.

Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB)

Identify and support K–12 academic, social, and/or emotional needs.

Drive decisions from the classroom to the district office

Monitor growth and promote equity

Ensure all students are meeting grade-level benchmarks and evaluate effectiveness of core instruction.

FastBridge grade-level benchmarks

Drive supports at each tier

Know where to focus Tier 1 intensifications, which students may need Tier 2 or Tier 3 supports, and the right intervention to implement with each learner.

FastBridge supports at each tier

Progress monitor to evaluate effectiveness

Accurately determine whether to continue, fade, or adjust an intervention in only six data points with the FAST Projection™ algorithm.

FAST Projection™ algorithm

Deliver targeted instruction and intervention

Clearly see where to focus whole class instruction, know the right small group or individual interventions for each learner, and monitor growth over time to ensure all students are succeeding.

Target Instruction and intervention

FastBridge annually supports 34.7M screening and 9.9M progress monitoring administrations across 48 states

FastBridge Implementations

Statewide FastBridge implementations

FastBridge implementation, Approved Dyslexia screener

Statewide FastBridge implementations, Approved Dyslexia screener

Explore additional features and reports

Discover how FastBridge enables you to inform Tier 1 programming, pinpoint academic and SEB skill gaps, know whether interventions are working, and ensure growth is happening equitably.

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  • SOC2 Report 2022
    SOC2 Report 2022


  • SIIA Codie Winner
    SIIA Codie Winner


  • Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Primary Education
    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Primary Education

    2022 2021

  • Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Secondary Education
    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Secondary Education

    2022 2021

  • Tech Edvocate Award Finalist
    Tech Edvocate Award Finalist

    2022 2021

  • Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence
    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence


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