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Reliable and valid assessments

Empowering teachers and honoring students

Star CBM Lectura lets students showcase the skills they know in Spanish while providing teachers with meaningful data that helps strengthen the connection between assessment and classroom instruction.


Give all students the opportunity to show what they know with assessments that measure the literacy skills they are developing.


Multiple measures are provided to screen and track student growth and evaluate instruction and intervention.


Measure components of foundational literacy that are most predictive of learning to read in Spanish.


Confidently inform instructional decisions, set appropriate student goals, and track progress toward reading success with immediate access to reliable and valid data.

Authentic measures that truly reflect what your students know

Star CBM Lectura provides authentic measures that reflect students’ literacy development in Spanish.

Sílabas simples

Simple syllables: grades K–1

This measure assesses early readers’ knowledge of simple syllables, an early basis for decoding words.

Sílabas compuestas

Complex syllables: grades 1–2

This measure examines children’s ability to use more complex strategies to decode unknown words.

Lecturas en voz alta

Passage oral reading: grades 1–6

This measure assesses students’ decoding and fluency skills when reading connected text, with high correlations to comprehension.

Track students' progress

Actionable insights to support emergent bilingual students

Quickly and efficiently assess students’ foundational literacy skills in Spanish with Star CBM Lectura and get data and insights to confidently inform instruction and guide students toward reading success.

Track students progress

Teachers administer 1:1 to students online, in print, remotely, or in person to get a clear picture of literacy development in Spanish.

Star Record Book

Item-level scoring, the ability to record responses, goal setting, and intuitive reports give you actionable insights and next steps.

Pre-reader to high achiever

A strong foundation for success

Providing authentic assessment with Star CBM Lectura

Read about the research and best practices that informed the design of Star CBM Lectura and how it differs from other Spanish curriculum-based measures.

Design and evaluation of Star CBM Lectura

Discover how Renaissance partnered with experts in the field of biliteracy to create measures that truly evaluate early learners’ Spanish literacy development.


Enhance your picture of K–6 students’ literacy development in Spanish with first-hand insights from Star CBM Lectura.


Build on and support your emergent bilingual students’ assets and set them up for success.

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