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Formative assessment tool for K–12

With Star Custom, you can support a cycle of informed instruction using quality skill checks aligned to your state standards. You’ll get greater insight into the skills students have mastered and those that need more work—so you better target instruction and move learning forward.


Teachers can choose pre-built tests, select from thousands of pre-made items, or create their own items to design the perfect formative assessment.


Pre-made items for reading, math, and early literacy assess specific skills and Virginia standards. Reports show exactly where students excel or struggle.


Data from multiple Star Assessments—including Star Custom—combine to provide a complete picture of students’ understanding and mastery of concepts.


Star Custom provides thousands of high-quality items for language arts, math, and science. Teachers can create items for social studies, health, and more!

From standard skill to subskill

Get a complete picture of student mastery with easy-to-read reports—so you can make instructional decisions with confidence and improve day-to-day learning gains.

The Renaissance Mastery Dashboard shows how close students are to mastery and indicates whether additional assessments may be helpful.

The Item Responses Report shows how students responded to each item, so teachers can more easily pinpoint exactly where students may struggle.

Test and track mastery in 3 easy steps

How the formative assessment tool works

Decide which skills to assess

You can assess specific reading, math, and early literacy skills using pre-made items and tests aligned to state standards, or test skills in any subject area—including social studies, science, and more—when you author your own test items.

Select and assign skill checks

Once you select (or create) a skill check, it’s easy to assign it to individual students, student groups, or an entire class, so you can check understanding of specific skills. Watch this short video to see the process in action.

Track student progress

Reports and dashboards help you determine which skills students know, how deeply those skills are understood, and where to differentiate instruction.

Multiple-choice items

Star Custom offers two item formats: multiple-choice and constructed response. Automatic scoring and immediate feedback for multiple-choice items help students take ownership of their own learning.

Constructed-response items

Star Custom offers two item formats: multiple-choice and constructed response. Constructed-response items allow students to demonstrate deeper knowledge and understanding of a concept. Rubrics in the software help teachers to score constructed-response items.

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Transform formative assessment into actionable insight

A closer look at our formative assessment tool

Unified measure of mastery

Only Renaissance integrates data from multiple Star assessments—including Star Custom, Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy—to provide a single, unified measure of mastery. Renaissance’s learning progressions for state then help you determine which skills to teach and track.

Intuitive reports for educators

Do you need to see results for the whole class, an instructional subgroup, or an individual student? Explore how Star Custom reports help provide data-fueled insights to help inform whole-group, small-group, and one-on-one instruction on a day-to-day basis.

Included with the full Star Assessments suite!

Star Custom is only available as part of the full Star Assessments suite.

FAQs about our formative assessment tool

Understanding star custom

How does Star Custom work?

Star Custom uses adaptive testing to assess students’ knowledge and skills. It presents students with a series of questions, adjusting the difficulty level based on their responses. This adaptive approach ensures that each student is challenged appropriately and receives a personalized assessment experience.

What subjects and grade levels does Star Custom cover?

Star Custom is available for a wide range of subjects and grade levels, from early elementary to high school. It covers subjects such as math, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.

Can teachers create their own assessments with Star Custom?

Yes, Star Custom allows teachers to create their own assessments tailored to their curriculum and instructional goals. They can choose from a variety of item types, including multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions.

How does Star Custom help teachers analyze student data?

Star Custom provides detailed reports on students’ performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Teachers can access real-time data and track individual student progress over time. This information helps them identify specific learning needs and plan targeted interventions.

Can Star Custom be used for remote learning?

Yes, Star Custom is designed to support both in-person and remote learning environments. It can be accessed online, allowing students to take assessments from anywhere with an internet connection. Teachers can also review and analyze student data remotely.

How can teachers integrate Star Custom into their instruction?

Teachers can use Star Custom in various ways, such as formative assessment before a unit to gauge students’ prior knowledge, ongoing progress monitoring, and end-of-unit assessments. The data generated by Star Custom can inform instructional decisions, helping teachers tailor their teaching to meet students’ needs effectively.

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Teachers really appreciate the ability to develop short quizzes that students can typically complete in just 10 or 15 minutes. Star Custom is a very effective method for monitoring progress on the specific standards where a student might be struggling—as well as ensuring that no one gets left behind as the class moves on to the next skill level.

Sherrilynn Bair • Curriculum Director, Snake River School District

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Using Star Custom Skill Checks


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Using Star Custom Skill Checks

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