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Enhanced digital books, enhanced reading growth

Simply increasing students’ access to reading materials can increase reading engagement and, in turn, reading growth. With myON Reader, students get access to thousands of digital books—and so much more. From robust scaffolds that help students build reading and writing skills to customizable assignments and reports to help teachers nurture and monitor their progress, myON Reader helps you supercharge reading growth for every learner.


Students can enjoy a wide array of genres and authors, from silly animal adventures to enlightening informational texts, in English and in Spanish.


Reading recommendations are dynamically matched to each student’s grade, reading level, and interests to help them find their next great read.


All students can read the same title simultaneously thanks to truly unlimited book access—available 24/7, at school and home, online and offline!


Close-reading tools, professionally recorded audio, and a built-in dictionary help deepen students’ engagement—and unlock even greater reading growth.

Robust Resources for Every Educator

Easily assign projects and monitor growth

myON Reader’s comprehensive approach to personalized literacy includes all the tools educators need to guide and enrich students’ reading—then monitor and celebrate their achievements at every step.

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With myON Projects, teachers can create custom assignments that include books, graphic organizers, writing activities, quick assessments, and more.

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Twelve detailed reports give teachers rich insights into engagement and achievement at the student and class level, so they can keep literacy going strong.

Strengthen Reading Practice with Best Practices

Get the most out of independent reading practice

Read at the just right level

Embedded Lexile® assessments quickly measure students’ individual reading levels to help match them with books at the just-right level of challenge. Teachers can then track to see if students are reading at, above, or below their recommended Lexile range.

Read with high comprehension

Have Renaissance Accelerated Reader? Great news! After finishing a book in myON Reader, all it takes is one click for students to navigate to the corresponding Accelerated Reader comprehension quiz. Teachers can track all reading practice, digital and print, all in one place.

Get the Most Out of myON Reader

Content that delights readers (and educators!)

Core Library

Each subscription includes more than 6,400 books from Capstone’s strong family of imprints—Capstone Press, Stone Arch Books, Compass Point Books, Picture Window Books, and Heinemann-Raintree.


Available at no additional cost, these complete, unabridged digital versions of time-tested classics, including Spanish titles, are perfect for middle and high school students.

Partner Publishers

Looking for more content? Explore more than 7,400 additional fiction and nonfiction books from premier partner publishers.

Take a closer look

Active reading and writing practice

Close Reading

The built-in highlighter, shapes tool, and drawing brush encourage close reading, allowing students to identify evidence, make connections, and mark-up key photos and illustrations in ways not possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions.

Teachers can view students’ comments and respond in the text, providing a quick formative assessment opportunity.

Beating Back the British article in myON Reader

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