Reporting Features

Thirteen Reports

Thirteen reports are available to monitor student reading activity and growth, with data captured while students are engaged within the myON environment.

Goal Setting

Educators can set goals within myON for up to 12 different data measurements, and access reports that indicate how – and whether – students are progressing toward those goals.

Core Report

The Core Report provides a quick snapshot of student usage, including the number of books opened and completed, number of pages read, time spent reading and reading level.

myON Reports

Core Report

Provides fast information around myON usage by students including how many books were opened, books completely read, pages read, minutes spent reading, and reading level


Shows which skills students may need to further develop (when optional quizzes are turned on)

Reading Habits

Shows when users are logging in and reading on myON during the school day, before school, after school and on weekends


Shows when users are logging in and reading on myON during the school day, before school, after school and on weekends

Most Popular Books

Shows the most popular titles students are reading, as well as information around the reading level of each title and the students reading that title

Reading Details

Shows data by student for number of books opened, how many minutes were spent reading on myON, percent of time spent reading non-fiction and more

Extended User Activity

Shows student reading activity and progression prior to the current school year (for students who were previously reading on myON within their current district)

myON with Star (new)

Use this report to discover which of your students have connected myON to Star Reading and see all their latest Star Reading assessment results.

myON News Reports

myON News provides K–8 students with age-appropriate news articles. Students learn about the world around them as they develop stronger digital and media literacy skills!

Student Profile snapshot

The Student Profile includes at-a-glance information on individual student reading activity within myON. Students can access their own profiles within their accounts and educators can print and share with families.

myON Student Profile snapshot

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