Create personalized assignments for students

The Projects tool represents yet another way myON supports a comprehensive approach to personalized literacy. Educators can create simple or multi-element lessons, or they can adopt or adapt projects that have been created and shared by other educators within the myON cloud.

Projects can be assigned to individual students, groups or whole classes. Students can access and work on assigned Projects within their myON accounts and monitor their progress along with their teachers.

A child working on a tablet.

Working with projects

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Edit view

Educators see the edit view when they are creating or customizing Projects adding tasks and book lists to the assignments.

Graphic Organizers

Twelve Graphic Organizers are available to help students organize their thoughts before, during, and after writing as part of a Projects checklist.

Student view

Students can add text directly into graphic organizers, like the Main Idea organizer shown here.

Educators are using the Projects tool in a variety of ways

To create a reading assignment for students that includes selected titles in the myON library

To set guidelines for students that allow them to select books or articles to support the assignment

To help students make connections by working with one of the 12 available Graphic Organizers available within myON

To provide instructions for students to highlight and take notes within the text, then complete a writing assignment

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