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Accelerated Math Product Brochure

Accelerated Math Product Brochure

Accelerated Math® is proven effective for college and career readiness.

Building incremental confidence by practicing with Accelerated Math leads to higher growth.


Personalized math practice is made manageable with Renaissance Star Math and Renaissance Accelerated Math. These assessment and practice programs work together to balance the needs of all students.

Star Math measures growth and identifies where students are today. Accelerated Math integrates that data to group students with peers at similar levels. Assignments are tailored to grade-level standards practice or foundational skills improvement (or both), so every student can learn incrementally.

Students using Accelerated Math are nearly twice as likely to meet benchmarks for college and career readiness standards, according to a study of data from 2.7 million students. The study also shows students who use Accelerated Math grow significantly more than students who do not. Accelerated Math is also highly rated as a Progress Monitoring Mastery Measure by the NCII.

Every person is a math person—but every student starts at a different level. Using reliable data to accurately place students in groups with similar peers, Accelerated Math makes it easy to truly differentiate learning.

The math dashboard helps teachers see at-a-glance how students are performing overall and what’s driving that performance. Dive deeper to see how students are progressing toward goals, view diagnostic information, and see which metrics need improvement.

Students use built-in instructional resources when they need help. These tools, including a math glossary, worked examples, video tutorials, and peer help, create a collaborative classroom and empower students to help themselves and each other.

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"I am so thankful for Accelerated Math! I used it in my classroom for years and my student growth doubled."

Mary Jones

Math & Science Instructional Coach - Manor, TX