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Why teachers, students, and parents love Lalilo

Differentiate your early literacy development

Lalilo adapts to your students’ performance by providing content at just the right level of difficulty. Each lesson is scaffolded to meet the needs of each individual student.

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Innovative technology drives student engagement

Students work at their own pace in Lalilo and are only given activities within their zone of proximal development. Lalilo adjusts each student’s experience using artificial intelligence, scaffolded exercises, speech recognition, and self-reflection to minimize frustration and ensure they know the content before moving them on.

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Actionable data to ensure all students develop strong foundational literacy skills

You remain in control of the learning process with the wealth of learning data on your teacher dashboard. You can track engagement and progress through skills and standards for an entire class and individual students. Premium customers can also assign any lesson on Lalilo to simultaneously target skills and content taught in the classroom.

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Aligned to the Science of Reading

Students receive explicit, systematic practice on each component of foundational literacy. Lalilo’s lessons are based on a learning progression of standards-based foundational reading skills, leading students through exercises that build a strong foundation for reading.

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How it works

How does Lalilo work?



Students begin their adventure with a self-guided adaptive test to assess their skills.



Students work through a variety of standards-aligned exercises tailored for their needs.



Teachers understand whole-class progress in under five minutes or dive deeper to monitor individual students’ progress and plan instruction.



When students master lessons, they unlock badges that earn them stories read aloud for pure enjoyment.

Lalilo is an awesome program that students find engaging and that works to meet their level and needs. It is such a beautiful and well-needed program that all teachers and students should cherish.

Jessica Furr • Teacher, The Burlington School


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Master foundational literacy skills by grade 3

Discover how Lalilo can help you personalize foundational literacy development for every student.


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Learn how Lalilo builds the foundational literacy skills of K–2 learners with engaging lessons that meet students where they are.

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Give students personalized practice to help them master early literacy skills

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