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We believe that every child deserves a champion – someone who believes in them, someone who encourages them, someone who guides them to become the best they can be. With Renaissance Star 360’s valid, reliable, and actionable data, along with instructional resources, you will have the insight to help every child succeed and grow.

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Star 360 helps you forecast performance on the Virginia assessment.
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Star Assessments are built on strong evidence from careful research and supported by 93 scientific studies and reviews



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These green links take you to our EdWords pages. EdWords is a series of web pages that go beyond the buzzwords in education and unpack them to discuss what the term means, how it’s used, how it can be put into practice, and examples of the term at work.

Data in action

Learn how easy it can be to assess, plan, and provide personalized instruction and practice time to help all students develop the skills they need to be college, career, and life ready. Continuous feedback throughout the school year provides the needed dialogue to foster positive relationships between teachers and students.

Success with Star 360

Get inspired by reading how educators are positively impacting the lives of their students.

From accurate assessments to fast adaptive action: district accelerates progress to 100% literacy

Nearly 13,000 students attend K–8 classes in the Broken Arrow Public Schools (BAPS) district in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. District educators expect each student to achieve reading and math literacy, actively engage in extracurricular activities, and ultimately graduate on to higher...

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Measuring up: how good data galvanizes growth in Snake River School District

Potential is a terrible thing to waste. Due to a lack of reliable data about individual students’ skills and progress, schools can miss golden opportunities to help struggling readers succeed or inspire advanced learners to do even more. However, ensuring...

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Reliable data at your fingertips

Our ever-growing database and advances in learning science provides new insights to refine and improve our solutions. Learnalytics accelerates learning by enabling shorter assessments and more precise fine-tuning of learning progressions so educators can provide the right instruction at the right time.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Renaissance research-based products give educators what they need to focus on what matters most – students.

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