Star 360

Guide amazing pre-K–12 growth with a “true north” compass on students’ mastery of Virginia state standards. Star 360, the leading interim and formative assessment, lights the learning path for grade-level domain mastery down to the sub-skill level. You’ll see precisely what students have mastered, the goals they need to reach, and the optimal path to proficiency. In less than 20 minutes, one-third the time of other assessments, you’ll gain valid, reliable insights to make informed decisions, personalize learning, and lead every student to mastery.

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Star 360 helps you predict performance on the Virginia assessment.
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Guide greater growth in one-third the testing time with Star 360

Every moment a teacher has to connect with students makes a difference. So why spend more time on testing than you need to? Star 360 gives you the research-validated, state-specific learning data you need in less than 20-minutes of testing time. Star 360 includes Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy, plus Star Custom with formative item banks for English language arts, math, and science.

Star 360 includes Star Spanish for English learners

English learners are the fastest growing population in schools. Teachers need answers. What do students know in their native language? Star 360 math, reading, and early literacy assessments are provided in both English and Spanish. Compare side-by-side scores to guide instruction and move all students forward.

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Bringing Personalization to Scale

How can you scale personalized learning without putting unrealistic demands on teachers?

Star 360 lights the path to grade-level mastery of Virginia state standards

Who likes surprises when it comes to high-stakes tests? Wouldn’t you rather know where your students are at throughout the year so you can adjust interventions and close achievement gaps? Star 360 gives you at-a-glance data dashboards that track students’ path to mastery of grade-level standards from the beginning to the end of the school year and from year-to-year.


Beginning of school year

Get your best possible start with screening that tells you precisely which grade-level domain skills and sub-skills students have mastered. Estimate mastery of your state’s standards; predict proficiency on summative assessments, set growth and intervention goals, and access instructional resources to plan lessons and personalized learning.

Midyear and throughout

See valid, actionable data at district, school, classroom, and student levels. Know who’s on track to reach proficiency, who’s responding to intervention, and how all students are growing. Guide continued growth with state-specific learning progressions that list skills and sub-skills in a teachable order, plus quickly access worked examples, videos, and third-party instructional resources to personalize learning.


Measure proficiency and celebrate students’ mastery of standards. Prepare for continued growth next school year using achievement and growth scores including Percentile Rank (PR), Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE), and Student Growth Percentile (SGP). Measure progress over time and keep students on the path to college and career readiness.

Data in action

Learn how easy it can be to assess, plan, and provide personalized instruction and practice time to help all students develop the skills they need to be college, career, and life ready. Continuous feedback throughout the school year provides the needed dialogue to foster positive relationships between teachers and students.

Success with Star 360

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Measuring up: how good data galvanizes growth in Snake River School District

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Short assessments. Timely insights. Fast growth.

Renaissance acts on our ever-growing database of more than 2.7 billion practice and assessment data points to glean new insights and refine our solutions. Learning analytics and advances in learning science give us more precision to enable shorter assessments and continually fine-tune state-specific learning progressions.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Renaissance research-based products give educators what they need to focus on what matters most – students.

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