What does Student Growth Percentile do?

Student Growth Percentile provides context to understand how a student has grown by comparing their growth with their academic peers’ growth.

These peers include students in the same grade, and those who started with a similar scaled score and history of performance.

On the Star Growth Report, teachers can compare individual students’ growth and achievement with peers.

Star Growth Report

How is Student Growth Percentile determined?

Student Growth Percentile (SGP) is determined by first calculating growth between current test scores and up to two previous scores, then comparing that calculation to the growth of academic peers.

Each time a student completes a Star assessment, an SGP is generated. Many districts adhere to similar testing windows in fall, winter, and spring.


Student growth percentile scores

Student growth percentile scores

Administrators were excited to see how Student Growth Percentiles can help them monitor student growth across all classrooms for the entire school!

Sheila Gerrish • Lap coordinator at Marysville school district 25 - Marysville, WA

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