Reliable, valid, research-based assessments

Research-based Star Assessments are highly rated as both a screening and progress monitoring tools to help educators identify and prioritize student need, drive appropriate instruction, set realistic goals, and track progress throughout the year, ensuring all students are on the right path toward future success.

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Star tests in English and Spanish for reading, math, early literacy, and custom assessment

Renaissance takes a holistic approach to assessments, combining computer-adaptive assessments (CAT) and curriculum-based measures (CBM), along with custom-built, standards-based assessments and non-academic assessments. Star Assessments provides consistent data that helps educators inform instructional decisions, including next steps, throughout the year.

Star Reading

Guide literacy growth for K–12 students.

Star Math

Lead students in grades K‒12 to amazing math achievement.

Star Early Literacy

Give Pre-K‒3 students their best possible start.

Star CBM

Get in-depth insight into elementary students’ development with curriculum-based measures for reading and mathematics.

Star CBM Lectura

Assessments that truly reflect K–6 students’ literacy development in Spanish.

Star Custom

Measure instruction with skill-based pre-made or custom-built assessments.

Star Spanish

Assessments for reading, math, and early literacy in English and in Spanish help you support emerging bilingual students.

The Advantages of Star Assessments


Comprehensive reporting


Interactive data visualizations provide leaders with an enhanced view of Star’s district reporting for more powerful insights. Dig deeper into your data than ever before using Renaissance Analytics’ multiple filters, demographic comparisons, and longitudinal views.


Make the most of instructional time by knowing who is performing above or at benchmark and who may need additional support or intervention. See valid, reliable data immediately after testing.

Know how students are performing against school, district, or state benchmarks so you can prioritize needs and allocate resources more effectively.

Set goals

Take the guesswork out of setting the right goals to motivate and engage every student. An embedded, research-based goal-setting tool helps teachers set reasonable, attainable goals.

Confidently move students forward with a goal-setting tool complete with step-by-step directions and an intuitive user interface.

Monitor progress

Monitor students’ progress toward goals throughout the school year. Know if students in RTI/MTSS are responding to intervention in time to adjust instruction.

See which students are meeting their goals and determine if students are responding to intervention with easy-to-interpret reports.

Track standards mastery

See who is on track to perform well on your state’s summative assessments. Renaissance dashboards show a unified measure of skill mastery based on your state’s standards.

Data from Star Assessments, along with instruction and practice activities, combine to provide a single, comprehensive view of student progress and growth.

Predict performance

Imagine no more surprises on high-stakes tests! Star Assessments, statistically linked to each state’s summative test, are highly accurate predictors of students’ performance.

State performance reports show which students may be at risk for not meeting state proficiency requirements in time to adjust instruction.

See student growth

Monitor achievement and growth with one report. Student Growth Percentile (SGP) scores show you precisely how much students are growing, showcasing changes in scores between testing events.

Knowing scores increased is not enough. The Star Growth Report uses growth norms and SGP to show if growth was below, above, or on par with expectations.

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Why Star is quick and accurate

How it works


Assess students

Screen students in minimal testing time and get accurate, reliable results immediately after testing.


Manage groups

Prioritize student need and establish instructional groups that motivate, engage, and accelerate student learning.


Identify skills

Determine the early literacy, phonics, reading, and math skills students are ready to learn.


Guide instruction

Support student learning with embedded resources and integrated practice activities.

A closer look

Dive deeper into Star

Star data is linked to the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.

Are your students on track for college and career readiness?

Star data is linked to the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. You’ll know as early as sixth grade which students are on track for meeting college expectations.

In addition to achievement, Star measures growth via a Student Growth Percentile.

What is Student Growth Percentile?

In addition to achievement, Star measures growth via a Student Growth Percentile. Learn what SGP is, how it’s measured, and why it matters.

Star leverages empirically validated learning progressions to help you keep all students on track.

Help struggling readers achieve literacy with a flexible assessment solution.

Star has been approved by more than two dozen states as a sole assessment solution or as part of an approved list.

Star has been approved by more than two dozen states as a sole assessment solution or as part of an approved list.

Trusted by educators and researchers nationwide

Decades of research prove the reliability and validity of Star Assessments



Data points

Billions of real-world student data points guide the development of Star tests.



Research studies

Hundreds of studies show Star strongly correlates with other achievement tests.



Independent research

Over 50 independent research publications support Star Assessments.



Peer-reviewed studies

More than 15 peer-reviewed studies rely on Star as an outcome measure.


Research-based, research-proven

Built with cutting-edge computer-adaptive technology and based on more than thirty years of data about how children learn and grow, the research-based Star Assessments provide educators with accurate, trustworthy data about their students’ achievement and growth. Star Assessments are:

Highly rated by the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII)
Relied on by over 34,000 schools and districts across the US
Proven to forecast concurrent and future state test performance

See the science behind Star
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Learn more about how Star Assessments allow teachers to teach with confidence

State linking studies for Star Assessments

Forecast students’ future performance on state summative tests

With Star, you can forecast which students are on track to perform well on your state’s summative test as early as fall—giving you ample time to intervene early and help get all students on track for success.

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