Partnering to achieve your educational mission

Renaissance is proud to partner with Catholic educators to accelerate learning for all students. Learn more about our commitment to helping you discover insights to guide instruction and improve academic outcomes.


A Shared Mission Since 1984: Helping Catholic school students develop a love for reading

Learn how teachers at a Wisconsin Catholic school became the first educators to innovate their student reading program with Accelerated Reader in 1984.

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Guide growth for every student with Renaissance

Discover why more than two-thirds of US Catholic schools rely on Renaissance assessment, practice, instruction, and data solutions to improve student outcomes.


Connect with Peer Catholic School Educators in the Renaissance Royals Community

Are you currently using Renaissance solutions? Connect with your colleagues in the Renaissance Royals community, including a discussion forum just for Catholic educators to exchange best practices, ask questions, and share product tips.

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Julie Vogel, Ph.D. – Vice President of Catholic Schools, Renaissance

“With more than 16 years as a Catholic school leader, I understand the gift of a Catholic education and enjoy making personal connections with Catholic educators to share how Renaissance can help you guide students to achieve their best academic performance.”

Julie Vogel

Get the insights you need to reach your goals

Renaissance is here to support Catholic school educators in your mission to provide a rigorous academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture, and life. Check out the success your peers are achieving with our solutions, and learn best practices from our NCEA partner resources.

Students at the Diocese of Orange are seeing substantial math growth

Learn how Renaissance solutions helped improve student growth and achievement in math and other content areas.

NCEA Partner Resources
  • NCEA Podcast: Getting Academic Data Right
  • NCEA Blog: The Critical Role of Trip Steps in Math Recovery
  • NCEA Blog: Using Trip Steps to Guide Instructional Reading Time

Saint Anthony Catholic School creates a reading culture that lasts a lifetime

Discover how Renaissance solutions have inspired students to read and helped them achieve measurable growth

Providing Catholic educators more engaging, effective solutions to ensure continuous learning and growth

Assess with accuracy to know what students are ready to learn, personalize instruction at the right level for every student, uncover and address inequities, and celebrate as you accelerate learning for every student.

See how we can help you ensure all your students reach their full potential.

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We’ve partnered with NCEA to bring you a best practices webinar series.

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