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How to Use Your Data to Drive Instruction

Run time: 52:00

If you’re like most educators, you may have doubts about solely relying on “big data” to guide daily teaching and learning. But what if big data actually serves a different purpose? What if it can give you the time and space to have regular conversations with your students about their specific learning needs?

Watch this research-based webinar for practical tips on using data most effectively in your classroom and across your district. You’ll explore:

  • The true purpose of big data—and how to gather “small data” to inform daily instruction
  • The critical role of formative assessment in improving student outcomes
  • Strategies for building stronger relationships with students
  • The ways that interoperability—or seamless integration among systems—gives you the right insights to help all students realize their full potential


Jan Bryan, EdD, is Vice President and National Education Officer at Renaissance. A former classroom teacher, she presents regularly on assessment, literacy development, and mathematics.

Ali Good is Director of Product Marketing at Renaissance. She formerly taught at the University of New Orleans, where she directed the Freshman Writing Program.

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How to Use Your Data to Drive Instruction