Research-based, research-proven

Star Assessments provide reliable, valid data

Built with cutting-edge computer-adaptive technology and based on more than thirty years of data about how children learn and grow, the research-based Star Assessments provide educators with accurate, trustworthy data about their students’ achievement and growth. Star Assessments are:

  • Highly rated by the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII)
  • Relied on by over 34,000 schools and districts across the US
  • Proven to forecast concurrent and future state test performance
Star Assessments provide reliable, valid data

Trusted by educators and researchers nationwide

Decades of research prove the reliability and validity of Star Assessments



Billions of real-world student data points guide the development of Star tests.


Hundreds of studies show Star strongly correlates with other achievement tests.


Over 50 independent research publications support Star Assessments.


More than 15 peer-reviewed studies rely on Star as an outcome measure.


Recommended research and resources

The Science of Star

Dive deep into the research behind Star and the many studies that prove the reliability and validity of Star Assessments.

Tests and Time

Explore how test length can affect reliability and validity, along with other key factors to consider when choosing an assessment.

Student Growth Percentile

See how Star Assessments measure student growth over time to help educators tailor instruction and increase achievement.

How Star Measures Mastery

Deepen your understanding of what student mastery is, how it’s measured, and how mastery data is shared in Star reports.

View more studies on Star Assessments in the Renaissance Research Library


Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Large urban district eliminates over-testing

Lee County School District in Fort Myers, Florida, has drastically reduced the testing footprint in every classroom thanks to Star Assessments.

Small rural district boosts student achievement

Snake River School District in Blackfoot, Idaho, uses Star to get detailed learning data for every student—and has raised proficiency rates by 15 percent.

State linking studies for Star Assessments

Forecast students’ future performance on state summative tests

With Star, you can forecast which students are on track to perform well on your state’s summative test as early as fall—giving you ample time to intervene early and help get all students on track for success.

Select your state and review the state study

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Learn more about how Star Assessments chart a path to high-stakes success

Key Reports Booklet

See how Star key reports, dashboards, and tools provide insights to accelerate learning

Recognized by educators and industry leaders nationwide

  • SOC2 Report 2022

    SOC2 Report 2022

  • NCII 2021

    NCII 2021

  • ED Tech Cool Tool Finalist 2019

    ED Tech Cool Tool Finalist 2019

  • TCEA 2019

    TCEA 2019

  • Tech Learning Awards of Excellence 2019

    Tech Learning Awards of Excellence 2019

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