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 Why students and educators love myON

Engage and motivate

Research shows two key factors can help boost student reading: motivation and access to books. With myON, your students get both! Students can choose from personalized reading recommendations, dynamically matched based on their grade, interests, and reading level, or can browse the vast library of highly engaging books and articles.

myON Motivation interest screenshot with dragon book.
myON Motivation interest screenshot with animal books.
myON Motivation interest screenshot with upper grade interest books.
myON Motivation interest screenshot with career ideas.

How it works

How does myON work?

1. Choose

Students will never run out of great reads with so many exciting titles to choose from! They can pick from personal recommendations, browse by topic or genre, or search by term.

2. Read

As students read on their favorite digital device—online or offline—they can mark-up pages, highlight words, listen to audio versions, and interact with the enhanced digital books.

4. Analyze

Twelve real-time reports capture student engagement and growth, providing actionable data that helps you ensure each student has the support they need to succeed.

3. Quiz

At the end of each book, students can take a short quiz to check their comprehension, rate the book, write a review, and then go on to find their next fascinating title to read.


Give students the greatest growth

Reading levels

myON can use Lexile or ATOS reading levels to help match students with texts at the just-right level of challenge to accelerate reading growth.

Digital literacy

What is digital literacy and why does it matter? Learn more about the role a digital library plays in supporting students’ digital literacy skills.

Star Reading

Renaissance’s Star Reading assessment seamlessly connects with myON, helping match students with the perfect texts and giving educators greater insight into student learning.

On-demand Webinar

Ensure continuous learning whether face-to-face, remote, or blended

Give students access to thousands of digital books and news articles

Join the thousands of other educators seeing a difference in their schools and districts with myON.

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