Why students and educators love myON

Unlimited Access

All students can read a library’s worth of books whenever they’d like with unlimited, 24/7 concurrent access, low bandwidth and offline reading options, and enhanced accessibility features.

myON Motivation interest screenshot with dragon book.
myON Motivation interest screenshot with animal books.
myON Motivation interest screenshot with upper grade interest books.

Smart Recommendations

Students who read authentic texts at the just-right level enjoy reading more. When they take an optional, adaptive placement test and interest survey, they receive personalized reading recommendations at just the right level for them. These recommendations adjust as they read and grow.

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myON Recommendations screenshot  - Student profile
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Full Library

Readers of all ages have abundant options to choose from with an ever-expanding core collection of over 7,000 authentic titles, over 8,800 add-on publisher options, and 5 articles each weekday at age-appropriate levels with myON News.

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Customize screenshot - myON Core Library.
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Reading Supports

Students read and engage more when they have easily accessible tools to help. myON brings them natural-voice audio that spotlights word-by-word, annotation and writing tools, Accelerated Reader integration, and the option of teacher-assigned texts and reading projects. Students can also record themselves reading a book out loud as a fun way to practice fluency. Together, readers have a powerful selection of scaffolds to assist at just the right time whether they are in class or reading on their own.

myON Skills screenshot - Probes to the Planets.
myON Skills screenshot  - What Does my Purr Mean?
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Take a closer look

Active reading and writing practice

Close Reading

The built-in highlighter, shapes tool, and drawing brush encourage close reading, allowing students to identify evidence, make connections, and mark-up key photos and illustrations in ways not possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions.

Teachers can view students’ comments and respond in the text, providing a quick formative assessment opportunity.

Beating Back the British article in myON

Active note-taking

Students can use sticky notes to annotate as they read, writing comments, documenting theories, asking questions, identifying connections, and more. A journal is available for longer responses or teacher-assigned writing projects.

Anne Frank article in myON

Citing evidence

A citation creator embedded within each student’s journal helps them learn the importance of citing sources and using proper formatting.

Florence Nightingale article in myON

Graphic organizers

Twelve graphic organizers are available to help students gather and arrange their thoughts before, during, and after writing.

Graphic organizers in myON

Written essays

Within myON Projects, teachers can assign students writing tasks along with a target word count, time goal, checklist of instructions, and more. An optional peer review setting allows students to see and comment on each other’s work.

Written essays screen in myON

Reading Out Loud

Students can record themselves reading books out loud, then listen to themselves and self-assess both their miscues and their strengths as readers. Students can also compare their recordings to the natural-voice audio narration to improve pronunciation, especially with words they haven’t seen before.

Teachers can listen to student recordings to get deeper insights into their students’ reading progress.

Girl on computer


Give students the greatest growth

Digital literacy

What is digital literacy and why does it matter? Learn more about the role a digital library plays in supporting students’ digital literacy skills.

Star Reading

Renaissance’s Star Reading assessment seamlessly connects with myON, helping match students with the perfect texts and giving educators greater insight into student learning.

Combining choice and an abundance of options, myON is proving to be a valuable tool for achieving our school’s growth goals.

Anna Sell • Principal, Oakes Elementary School


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