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The most reliable preschool assessments

Research and development of Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs) began at the University of Minnesota in the late 1990s, based on two decades of previous research into effective measurement practices for describing children’s trajectories of achievement. This work continued, leading to innovations in assessment of English and Spanish language and early literacy, early numeracy, and other domains of development.

myIGDIs measures have since been redesigned and evaluated empirically in multiple studies, with a special focus on use in preschool programs, particularly those interested in RTI or MTSS. Shown to be psychometrically sound, myIGDIs is used by more than 13,000 early childhood educators across all 50 states.

Preschool Students


Developed by researchers, trusted by educators

Early Literacy

Developed at the University of Minnesota under the leadership of Dr. Scott McConnell, an expert in early childhood assessment.

Early Numeracy

Developed at the University of Memphis by Dr. Robin Hojnoski and colleagues specializing in early mathematics skills.

Social-Emotional+ (ProLADR)

Developed at the University of Minnesota and aligned with multiple sets of early childhood academic standards.


Recommended research and resources

Best practices for monitoring progress in preschool children

Two co-creators of myIGDIs discuss professional standards for measuring early academic achievement, especially language and literacy skills, among preschool children.

A measurement framework for RTI/MTSS in early childhood

The University of Minnesota research team describes work leading to the development of the current generation of IGDIs, and how scores are used in decision-making for RTI/MTSS.

Supporting data-based decision-making

myIGDIs is designed to be both rigorous and easy to use. Here, University of Minnesota researchers discuss how to meet these two objectives so that teachers can make good data-based decisions.

Development of Spanish-language IGDIs

Read an in-depth discussion of the design and validation processes for myIGDIs early literacy measures in Spanish.


Explore how myIGDIs measures and observational tools help preschool educators close skill gaps and keep children engaged in learning.

On-Demand Webinar

Join the co-creator of myIGDIs for tips on using your assessment data to support students’ early learning journeys.