Focus on your English learners’
unique needs

Focus on your English learners’
unique needs


Every student can feel the joy of learning.

Teachers need a reliable way to discover what Spanish-speaking students already know in their native language. Combine this valuable data with English learners’ scores on assessments in English, and you’ve got a clear, precise picture of each student’s abilities in both languages—so you can truly tailor practice to the unique needs of each English learner.


Look for a comprehensive assessment solution

For the most comprehensive view of student achievement, look no further than Star assessments—now available for reading, math, and early literacy in Spanish as well as English!

No other assessment solution can offer this side-by-side comparison, especially in the short amount of testing time Star assessments require. In about 40 minutes of testing time, you have the data you need to confidently move forward.

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How Star Spanish informs instruction for English Learners


Act on data, not just intuition


Assess in English and Spanish now

Beginning fall 2016, Star 360 customers will have access to both the English and Spanish versions of Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy.