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For the most comprehensive view of student achievement, look no further than Star Assessments–available for reading, math, and early literacy in English and Spanish. Get the insight you need to help you determine the best instruction to meet the needs of your Spanish-speaking English Learners.

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Is it a skills issue or a language gap?

Teachers need a reliable way to discover what Spanish-speaking students already know in their native language. Combine this valuable data with English Learners'* scores on assessments in English, and you’ve got a clear picture of each student’s abilities in both languages—so you can confidently guide instruction to move all students forward.

Scores are reported side-by-side for easy comparison.

Benchmarks help determine proficiency levels in each language.

Monitor and track progress and growth throughout the entire year.

Act on data, not just intuition

Renaissance Star 360® will show you what students know and what they need. Side-by-side comparison of English and Spanish scores aligned to your state standards for reading, math, and early literacy help you track students’ mastery of your state standards.

Benchmarks to help determine proficiency levels.

Data to help you monitor and track student progress and growth throughout the year.

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*What are the green links?

These green links take you to our EdWords™ pages. EdWords is a series of web pages that go beyond the buzzwords in education and unpack them to discuss what the term means, how it’s used, how it can be put into practice, and examples of the term at work.

Empower educators to improve student outcomes


Star Assessments provide you with the data you need, at your fingertips, to help you confidently guide instruction to help all students to be college and career ready.

The Power of Star Assessments for English Learners

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