COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of K–12 education, including our assessment practices. With more students performing off grade level than ever before, you may be wondering which assessment strategies will yield the greatest growth in the new school year.

Join us for the answer, along with tips for better connecting assessment data to daily instruction this fall. You’ll also understand:

  • The elements of the perfect assessment system—and why we need to rethink some key assumptions
  • The critical role of formative assessment in accelerating learning
  • Strategies for using assessment to increase student motivation and engagement
  • Mistakes to avoid when providing students with feedback on learning


Gene Kerns

Gene Kerns , EdD, is Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance and a nationally acclaimed speaker on assessment, learning progressions, and educational standards. He is co-author of the book Literacy Reframed: How a Focus on Decoding, Vocabulary, and Background Knowledge Improves Reading Comprehension (2020).