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Identify Student Mastery with Renaissance Flow 360®

Run time: 40:34

Do you need a better way to get continuous, data-driven feedback about how students in your district are growing?

If so, join us to see how Renaissance Flow 360 seamlessly bridges assessment scores to instructional resources, helping you engage every student in the deep practice that’s critical for greater growth. You’ll also see how this solution provides timely, reliable data to inform decisions around intervention and enrichment, while helping district leaders strategically drive instruction and planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Renaissance Flow 360 will enable you to:

  • Simplify how you track student growth and mastery
  • Personalize learning by engaging each student in the right practice at the right time
  • Plan more effective small-group instruction
  • Build stronger, data-driven professional learning communities
  • Leverage the Renaissance Growth Alliance™ to unify your instructional resources


Gretchen Hanson is Product Marketing Manager for Renaissance Flow 360 and the Renaissance Growth Alliance. She has worked in the education industry for 20 years and is passionate about helping teachers and students achieve their goals.

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Identify Student Mastery with Renaissance Flow 360<sup>®</sup>