Young children have boundless energy—and endless curiosity about the world around them. They also have so much to learn. As educators, our challenge is twofold: first, to determine what children already know; and second, to use this insight to provide engaging learning experiences that will help them grow.

In this webinar, Drs. Scott McConnell and Jan Bryan share strategies for meeting these challenges, along with practical tips for assessing early learners more effectively. Watch this session to explore:

  • What science tells us about the natural knowledge of young learners
  • How we can use brief measures to accurately assess this knowledge
  • How these measures also provide valuable insights into overall growth and development
  • How to use these insights to guide learning journeys from pre-K through grade 3


Scott McConnell, PhD

Scott McConnell, PhD , is Director of Assessment Innovation at Renaissance and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is also the founder of Early Learning Labs and the co-creator of the myIGDIs for Preschool and Star CBM assessments.

Jan Bryan

Jan Bryan , EdD, is Vice President and National Education Officer at Renaissance. A former classroom teacher, she presents regularly on assessment, literacy development, and mathematics.