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6 Minutes and Reading Growth

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What’s the difference between (a) students who start and end the school year as struggling readers, and (b) students who start out struggling but end up succeeding?

Research suggests one key factor is an increase in deliberate reading practice—in some cases, as little as six additional minutes per day.

This deliberate practice affects everything from the structure of students’ brains to vocabulary acquisition to future opportunities for job advancement. Or, as educator and author Mike Schmoker puts it, “reading changes everything.”

Watch this webinar for essential insights into how the right reading practice will lead to substantial gains in student growth. You’ll explore:

  • The impact of reading on the brain—and the power of deliberate practice
  • Vocabulary acquisition and concept development across grade levels
  • Effective strategies for making time in the school day for more reading practice
  • Proven drivers of student reading growth you can implement in your district


Jan Bryan, EdD, is Vice President and National Education Officer at Renaissance. A former classroom teacher, she presents regularly on assessment, literacy development, and mathematics.

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6 Minutes and Reading Growth