Your Assessment, Your Choice

Run time: 26:36

The Michigan Department of Education has a strategic plan to "become a Top 10 education state in 10 years." At Renaissance, we support Michigan’s efforts and want to ensure all of your students reach their full potential.

Join Cheryl Ballou, Associate Education Officer at Renaissance, as she shares the 10 essential questions you should ask your assessment provider so you can make an informed decision about benchmark assessments.


Cheryl Ballou

Cheryl Ballou has thirty years of experience in education, and has served the students of Texas as a teacher, performance evaluator, department leader, and curriculum specialist. She received National Semiconductor’s 1998 Internet Innovator Award, and was selected Secondary Teacher of the Year for the state of Texas by the Association of Texas Professional Educators in 2000.

Paul Liabenow

Paul Liabenow is the executive director of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association. A 32 year educator, former teacher, principal and superintendent he is dedicated to supporting school principals working to improve student achievement and love for learning.