Introduction to
Renaissance Flow 360®

Run time: 42:13

Research shows that personalized learning has the potential to increase student engagement and improve outcomes. Yet personalization can be difficult in a classroom of 25+ students. Educators already spend 6-8 hours per week collecting data, planning lessons, and finding resources to support instruction.

But what if there were a solution that seamlessly bridged assessment and practice data with instructional resources, so you were confident each student received the right content at the right level?

Watch this session to see how Renaissance Flow 360 provides this insight so you can personalize learning for each student. You’ll also discover how Renaissance Flow 360 will help you:

  • Assess students with accuracy—in both English and Spanish
  • Assign standards-aligned practice and resources, all from one place
  • Leverage the power of industry-leading instructional providers
  • View student mastery with data from multiple sources


Anu Jokinen

Anu Jokinen is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Renaissance Flow 360. She has worked in the education industry for more than 15 years.