Finding the Funds

We can assist you in your efforts to secure public or private funds to accelerate learning.

Funding opportunities are often plentiful, but applying takes time. At Renaissance Learning, we can assist you with identifying sources, creating requests to re-allocate funds, and applying for new public and private funds. We can provide supportive documents and assist with grant proposals and applications. To learn more, watch an overview of free Funding Consultation Services.

Watch an overview of free Funding Consultation Services.

Writing effective and timely proposals

In some cases, we can write proposals for you, but the best proposals are those you write since they reflect your knowledge of students' needs, dedication to their success, and professional evaluation of our assessment, learning, and teaching solutions. When you write a proposal, we can review, edit, and test your proposal against grant criteria. Remember, grant decisions often take months. Check deadlines and be thinking about preparing applications for next school year in spring of the current year. If you will request our assistance, please do so early in the grant writing process.

Start with existing funds

Nearly half of funds we help secure are existing funds. These include allocations within school or district operating or library budgets, formula funds, technology funds, or dollars from school district foundations and parent organizations.

Access Existing Funds

Apply for new funds

Resources here will help you find funding opportunities and craft proposals for federal, foundation, and corporate grants:

Public funding

The U.S. Department of Education offers public funding supported by tax dollars and distributes funds directly to districts or to state education agencies. You can apply only when funding announcements or invitations to apply appear.

Federal Funding Sources and Alignments

Formula (entitlement) and discretionary (competitive) funds

Often referred to as Title Funds, formula funds are non-competitive and based on population characteristics (poverty level, non-English speaking students, etc.). These funds should be the first source for eligible schools. Discretionary grants are competitive funds, generally have eligibility requirements, and are awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to a state to distribute locally or directly to districts/schools.

Competitive Public Funding Proposals

Know how our products meet funding requirements

Be sure to use our product correlations, including research and Common Core connections, to help explain how our assessment, learning, and teaching tools align with major federal funding sources.

Specific Product Correlations to Funding Sources

Private Funding

Private funding sources include foundations that award grants at the national, state, or community level, and corporations that may offer grants, especially where their employees (or customers) live and work.

Funding from Foundations and Corporations

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