Renaissance products correlate to ESSA

Partner with Renaissance to put ESSA formula or competitive funds to work for your students

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) seeks to ensure that all children receive a high-quality education. Here’s how Renaissance helps you meet that goal:

  • Our solutions are based on scientific research, demonstrate evidence of effectiveness, and qualify for funding under a number of ESSA initiatives.
  • Our programs help students build the foundations in reading and math to meet challenging state academic standards.
  • Our professional development activities are seamlessly woven into teachers’ experience through self-paced tutorials, virtual seminars, site visits, and job-embedded coaching—fully meeting ESSA criteria.

ESSA provides two types of funding – formula funds, which are allocated based on the number of students meeting specific eligibility requirements and competitive funds, which may have student eligibility requirements but are awarded through a selection process.

Title I is the most widely used formula fund. Although these funds are not competitive, school districts must submit a short application to their state department to receive formula funds. The application must include descriptions of the services to be provided, how the program will be coordinated with regular instruction, what assessments will be used to gauge program outcomes, and how professional development will be provided. Renaissance can provide product information or other verbiage to help you complete your application.


Competitive funds are awarded through grants, either directly from the Department of Education ( or from the federal government to state education departments, which hold competitions for schools or districts. An applicant may receive a competitive grant award if the applicant’s submitted proposal is among the highest-scored responses for that grant competition. Again, we can provide product information or other verbiage as well as a review and edit of your grant proposal.

Download our Funding Correlation document for information on some of the ESSA funding sources available to districts as well as the Renaissance programs that qualify for each fund.

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