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Assessment and Student Agency

Run time: 58:30

As educators, we often talk about student agency—making students active participants in their own learning. This is a major element within personalized learning and a critical component of 21st century education.

So how do we promote agency in our classrooms and across our districts? And how can we help our students make thoughtful, informed decisions about their learning?

Watch this research-based webinar for the answers. You’ll discover how to use formative assessment to give students a greater stake in their own success. You’ll also explore:

  • Definitions of student agency, along with common misconceptions
  • Formative assessment practices that make learning more meaningful and more purposeful
  • Strategies for engaging students and increasing motivation
  • Examples of effective agency in action


Jan Bryan, EdD, is Vice President and National Education Officer at Renaissance. A former classroom teacher, she presents regularly on assessment, literacy development, and mathematics.

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Assessment and Student Agency

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