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Just-right practice to inspire every learner

Freckle Math provides students with fun, challenging practice activities that fit the way they learn best. Students see their progress as they move through increasingly complex levels in grade-appropriate domains. Embedded supports and scaffolds help them master even the most challenging math concepts as they work toward personalized goals.

Simple setup

Freckle uses assessment data from Star to automatically match each student with the right math practice. Students can get started in minutes, removing barriers to learning.


Motivate students to reach their full potential

Star Math and Freckle Math support a range of teaching and learning styles: whole group, small group, math centers, enrichment blocks—even RTI/MTSS models. Because the programs adapt to students’ precise needs, learners make the most of every minute spent on math.


With just 34 questions, Star Math pinpoints each student’s location on your state’s own learning path. Highly rated for both screening and progress monitoring, Star Math identifies skills students are ready to learn and provides actionable next steps for instruction.


Covering all of the standards and skills for K–9, Freckle Math engages every learner in differentiated practice. Freckle Math is personalized, easy to use, and—best of all—fun, using interactive features and instant feedback to ensure practice is challenging and rewarding.

Inspire greater math growth for your learners

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