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Close the gap between knowing, doing, and achieving

You have an important job. As a teacher, you must determine what students already know, what they need to learn, what resources you will use to teach them, and whether they are growing in their knowledge and skills. Use your school’s Title II funds to partner with Renaissance in professional development that will make your job easier and more gratifying—whether you are relatively new to the profession or a seasoned veteran.

Title II, Part A provides funding for professional development designed to effectively integrate technology into curricula and instruction, use data to improve student achievement, help all students develop the skills essential for learning readiness and academic success, support the instructional services provided by effective school library programs, effectively engage parents, families, and community partners, and coordinate services between school and community.

Renaissance addresses each of these important purposes with meaningful, job-embedded professional development to teach you new strategies and how to apply them most effectively. Our professional development experts will help you close the gaps between knowing, doing, and achieving—meeting Title II’s overall goal of increasing the number of teachers, principals, and other school leaders who are effective in improving student achievement.

In addition to on-demand, self-paced tutorials related to our assessment and practice solutions, Renaissance-U now offers expertly crafted videos to introduce the use of Renaissance programs and capture best practices from the vantage point of a teacher. Site visits and face-to-face or voice-to-voice coaching tailored to your needs will further deepen your understanding. Additional support is available through myON professional development which not only addresses the integration of its digital library of thousands of books into your literacy program but also presents interactive online workshops on family and community engagement.

Each of these professional development opportunities offers a truly efficient use of Title II funds, certain to result in the most effective use of Renaissance assessment, reading, and math solutions and the data they provide.

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