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At school, two factors have a bigger impact on student achievement than all others combined: great classroom instruction and great leadership (Leithwood et al, 2004). This means that effective professional development not only helps teachers and leaders become masters of their craft—it’s also a powerful way to improve student learning, so all kids can become their most amazing selves.

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Your professional learning matters

Renaissance’s high-quality professional development is designed to help you:

  • Implement your Renaissance programs with quality and fidelity
  • Support teachers and staff at all levels, from novice to experienced
  • Achieve your school or district goals
  • Connect your student data to instruction to boost growth and achievement
  • Build your teachers' capacity to help them grow in their profession

We offer a comprehensive range of options—from training resources embedded into our solutions to custom, multi-year professional learning and implementation plans—to ensure you and your students are successful when using Renaissance. In fact, students who use Renaissance practice programs with best practices are nearly twice as likely to be college and career ready1.

Implement with fidelity and achieve your goals

Selecting the right solutions for your school or district is only the first step. Implementing those solutions with quality and fidelity is the essential next step. In fact, a review of 500 studies found a significantly greater effect on student learning with high-fidelity implementations than with poor implementations (Durlak & DuPre, 2008).

Let our team of expert consultants and coaches partner with you to help you implement your Renaissance solutions with fidelity and achieve the goals you have set. As educators who have used Renaissance programs, they are experts who have been in your shoes and know what it takes to see success.

Build capacity to connect data to instruction

Professional development is effective only when it causes teachers to improve their instruction or administrators to become better school and district leaders (Learning Forward, 2010).

Our professional development is rooted in adult learning strategies, with a job-embedded, sustained, and ongoing approach that employs a cycle of knowing, doing, and achieving to close the gap between learning a new strategy and applying it effectively—all while using data to fuel the cycle.

Free resources to jump-start your implementation

Looking for a quick way to get started with your Renaissance solutions? Access helpful videos, downloadable guides, easy-to-follow tutorials, and other great resources any time, day or night through Renaissance-U® including Smart Start®. You’ll learn foundational best practices and basic navigation, all organized into courses so you can quickly find what you need. You can also get to Smart Start resources right from your Renaissance Home page by selecting Renaissance-U under Learn Best Practices.

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