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Safe and Reliable Digital News for K–8 Students

Help students grow the skills they need to be literate citizens in today’s digital world with myON News. With five age-appropriate current event news articles for students delivered every weekday, 52 weeks a year, plus a searchable archive of thousands of published articles, students can stay up-to-date on the latest news, discoveries, world events, sports, and more as they build critical literacy skills.


Each article comes in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin) and at three reading levels, with embedded scaffolds to support struggling readers.


Professionally recorded audio, maps, slideshows, a built-in dictionary, and more make each article come alive, deepening student engagement.


100% nonfiction text, a wide range of cross-curricular topics, and downloadable Teacher Guides help strengthen literacy in the content areas.


Authentic reporting by professional journalists and a careful review by a child psychologist help ensure every article is unbiased and appropriate for children.

Discover what sets myON apart from other children’s news services

Current event news articles for students at a glance

Thousands of engaging choices

Articles are specifically written for children on topics that interest them: animals, sports, science, kids in the news, and more. In addition to five new articles each weekday, students can access a huge archive of thousands of previously published articles, all color-coded by topic

myON News screenshot - Join the Ocean Challenge
myON News screenshot - Women Making History!
myON News screenshot - Rebuilding the Great Wall

Lexile reading levels

Articles are available at three Lexile® reading levels, ensuring struggling readers can engage in the same high-interest content as their peers. Embedded scaffolds, including professionally recorded audio, a built-in dictionary, and large fonts, further support students as they read.

myON News screenshot - Grades Pre-K-2 level.
myON News screenshot - Grades 3-5 level.
myON News screenshot - Grades 6 and up level.

Multiple languages supported

Every article is available in five languages—English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin—to support English Learner, dual-language, and immersion readers. Students can easily switch between languages as they read articles, helping them learn academic vocabulary in another language.

myON News screenshot -English
myON News screenshot -Spanish
myON News screenshot -French

Multimedia and more

Fun multimedia features, such as colorful maps, short videos, links to related digital books, and slide shows with photos, illustrations, and diagrams deepen students’ engagement. Short quizzes encourage close reading, while allowing educators to monitor student comprehension and identify misconceptions.

myON News screenshot - map
myON News screenshot - pig photo
myON News screenshot - fish photo

Instruct, enrich, and engage

Thousands of news articles, along with the Teacher Guides, make it easy to incorporate more nonfiction reading into core subject areas and to increase active learning opportunities. Teachers can easily download discussion questions, activity sheets, answer keys for comprehension quizzes, and more!

myON News screenshot - Teacher Guide
myON News screenshot - Discussion Guide
myON News screenshot - Activity Sheet

Infuse literacy throughout the curriculum

Robust Resources for Every Educator

myON News, helps teachers infuse literacy throughout the entire curriculum and grow students’ nonfiction reading skills with timely, relevant daily news for students.

Teacher Guides provide discussion prompts, short activities, and other resources for integrating news articles into daily instruction in language arts, social studies, science, and even mathematics.

Teacher Guides provide discussion prompts, short activities, and other resources for integrating news articles into daily instruction in language arts, social studies, science, and even mathematics.

Strengthen students’ digital and media literacy

Build 21st-century students with student daily news

Combat "fake news"

More than ever, students need to be media-savvy readers and critical thinkers. Help students learn the importance of unbiased reporting and reliable sources—as well as how to recognize fake news—with authentic, clearly sourced articles that model journalistic best practices.

Connect with real experts

As students read, evaluate, and discuss daily news articles, they learn how the news can affect their lives—and how they can affect the news! Articles even include Question and Answer sessions with scientists, authors, athletes, and more, using questions from real kids.

Expand students’ reading choices with enhanced digital books!

Give students even more great texts to choose from with myON, which provides unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles.

It is comforting to know that students are made aware of current events in a very developmentally appropriate way. They can be in tune with what’s going on, but we’re not scaring them.

Francisca Sanchez • Executive Director for Elementary Education, Mission CISD

Expand the world of literacy for all learners

Explore features, review research, get funding resources, and more.

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