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Making the rocket science of reading instruction fun for students​

Lalilo is an online program K-2 students use to develop the critical foundational literacy skills they need to become skilled readers. After an initial placement test, Lalilo leads students through a standards-aligned series of guided practice and instructional activities to perfect pre-reading and reading skills. As students work through lessons, teachers review progress reports and can assign practice in specific skills to match classroom curriculum and activities as well as target specific needs.

Research-based reading in a playful, interactive world

Builds foundational literacy

Supports any core curriculum with explicit, systematic phonics instruction based on Science of Reading research.

Aligned to standards

Students work their way through standards-aligned instructional activities based on a placement assessment or teacher assignments.

Beloved by students

Easily accessible from home or school, students love collecting badges and stories as they complete media-rich interactive lessons.

Why teachers, students, and parents love Lalilo

Innovative technology drives engagement

As students work through lessons, Lalilo adjusts each student’s experience using artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and self-reflection to minimize frustration, keep students working within their zone of proximal development, and ensure they know the content before moving them on.

Lalilo screens

Reporting that provides actionable information

Lalilo’s intuitive dashboards put a wealth of learning data and performance metrics at teachers’ fingertips so they remain in control of the learning process. Track engagement and progress through skills and standards for an entire class and individual students.

Lalilo screens

Build a collection of nature-themed stories​

As students work through Lalilo lessons, they’ll progress through different worlds earning badges, treasures, and stories. Listening and learning about their new animal friends keep them coming back for more.

Lalilo screens

Progressive scope and sequence​

​Lalilo’s lessons are based on a learning progression of standards-based foundational reading skills, leading students through exercises that build a strong foundation for reading. Teachers can review student performance as they work through skills.

Lalilo screens

Experience educational technology at its best

With Lalilo you’ll see how computer-guided adaptation, dynamic instructional activities, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence all work together seamlessly to make students’ experience better, rather than the technology obvious.

We’d love to help you bring Lalilo into your classrooms to help your students learn foundational reading skills in:

  • Phonics (Letter-sound Correspondence)
  • Phonological awareness
  • Sight words
  • Word families
  • Independent reading
  • Listening comprehension
  • Grammar and conventions​

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