Complete these actions as you finish your 2023–2024 school year:

  • Generate and save/print reports for the current school year
  • Set up summer school and/or new school year
  • Check out the summer learning resources including implementation guides, student engagement kits, and more
  • Plan and schedule professional learning by emailing your account manager or our scheduling team
  • If you have Custom Data Integration (CDI), your Data Integration team will contact you for school year start/end dates and other information.
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Using end-of-year resources

For end-of-year instructions and resources, click on the product names below.



  1. If you use DnA AND FastBridge, access your rollover information with this article.
  2. If you use DnA but DO NOT use FastBridge, click here for your article for rollover to the next academic year.
  3. DnA rollover how-to video
  4. DnA rollover guide
  5. DnA summer rollover toolkit
  6. Multiple products summer rollover toolkit (DnA, FastBridge, and/or eduCLIMBER)
  7. Legacy Item Bank to New Item Bank Transition Resources
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  1. Review the condition of your myIGDIs kits and order additional Record Forms or replacement/additional kits in preparation for next year.
  2. Watch for an email in mid to late July with important information about upgrading your iPad application for the 2024-25 school year.
  3.  We recommend exporting your data if you would like to be able to manipulate your data after the school year rolls over on August 15. Review the article on Rolling Over School Year Data and Archiving for more information.
  4. Give parents some ideas for learning activities to prepare for kindergarten they can use over the summer with their child.
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  • The SchoolCity team will aim to start the 2024-2025 school year in each district’s instance 1 week prior to the school start date on each district’s website.
  • If you would like a different start date, please submit a support ticket, with your preferred dates.
  • For your district’s internal planning:
    • Identify which District tab assessments you plan to copy forward to the ‘24-’25 school year. Will these assessments need revision?
    • Consider creating any Pre/Post versions at this time.
    • Note that publishing is the trigger that schedules assessments in SchoolCity. Districts cannot publish any 2024-25 assessments until after the 2024-25 roster has been loaded and the active school year in SchoolCity is set to 2024-2025. (Copying or authoring for review and troubleshooting is fine.)
  • Review the Summer Back to School Guide
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Star Assessments

  1. Some Star reports are designed to be used during the current school year. After students have finished their last Star Assessments for the 2023-2024 school year, we suggest running the reports listed here.
  2. View the Star Toolkit (page 8) for end-of-year reporting advice.
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Star CBM

  1. Learn about Star CBM Data and review end-of-year progress
  2. Save a PDF or screen capture of the screening comparison tab or the last goal progress graph for students if needed since these views can’t be accessed for previous school years.
  3. Consider how you’ll use new options this fall, like Sight & High-Frequency Words and Encoding measures, listed under Getting to Know the Available Measures.
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Star Phonics

  • To capture data based on current enrollment and class structure, we recommend saving or printing class- or grade-level reports after students have tested and before the school year wraps up.
  • The school year start date for all Star Phonics users is August 1. Assessments taken before August 1 in a given year appear in reports for the old school year, while those taken on or after August 1 are in reports for the new school year.
  • At the beginning of a new school year, administrators can set assessment windows (timeframes), add or edit scope and sequences for a school or the district. District administrators can make changes for all schools; school administrators can make changes for their school only.
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Practice and Instruction

Accelerated Reader

  1. Review the Record Book & Goals (for K-2) or run Goals Met Report (grades 3+) before the school year ends. These reports will help you gain insights and celebrate wins as you head into summer and plan for next year.
  2. Reading Snapshots are a great way to share this school year’s reading achievements for the district, school, grade, or class level. You can create Reading Snapshots in a couple of clicks and share them on your website.
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  • Rostering through Renaissance, Clever or Classlink: The student’s grade level will be promoted when the new school year starts and rosters are updated in Freckle.
  • Rostering manually through Freckle: Grade levels will not be promoted at the beginning of the school year automatically. We do have a way for you to make this change by using the “Update Class Grades” feature on the rosters page. On the roster page a teacher can click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of a roster. In the drop-down menu they can select the new grade level and click save.
  • Rostering by bulk CSV upload in Freckle on the Admin Dashboard: The new CSV upload will need to include the updated grade levels and rosters. Once the new upload is completed the student’s grade level and rostering will update immediately.

Adaptive Levels

  • We do not clear or reset any student adaptive levels. Students will not need to retake pretests for the new school year. Students’ coin totals will follow them to the next school year as well. If desired, teachers can choose to reset math/ELA levels from the Levels reports.

Hiding past assignments

  • Assignments created before a cut-off date in the 2023/2024 school year will be “hidden” automatically during the summer prior to back-to-school. Communications will be sent closer to the summer about the exact cut-off date when the assignments will be moved. Teachers can view the hidden assignments by changing the Time Period in the drop-down on the Assignments page.

Admin Dashboard

  • The filters on the administrator dashboard default to the most recent July 1 through today. This means that on July 2, the report dashboards will show the “upcoming school year.” It will appear blank because students will not have practiced. However, users can simply change the filters to view past data.

Reports to Generate for the End of the School Year

  • Teacher Reports: Math or ELA Report Cards are printer-friendly overviews of what your students accomplished in Math or ELA this year.
  • Math or ELA Assessment Reports are helpful if you have given either assessment during the school year.
  • Administrator Reports: Overview and Growth dashboard – (data on students’ Adaptive Math and ELA Skills Practice).
  • Usage Overview dashboard – (Usage data for all practice types).

Summer Access

  • Students will be able to access Freckle over the summer! If your school rosters through your Renaissance site, Clever, or Classlink students can continue logging in using their SSO or you can provide the student their Class Code.
  • How to find my class code: the class code is located in the upper right corner of each roster on the Roster page on your Freckle teacher dashboard.
  • If your school rosters manually through Freckle students will still have access to their Class Code until the rosters are updated and the old class is deleted from the Roster page.
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How do I end my school year with Lalilo?

Depending on your rostering method, Lalilo classes will remain active unless you archive or delete them. This means students stay enrolled in the same class until you transfer them to their new class.

What reports/data views should I save? How will these reports/views help the teachers next school year?

Data will continually accumulate since there are no designated school years in Lalilo. You can download and print Students Standards Reports, and Admin Reports. For the other reports, we suggest taking screenshots or using a browser’s printing options to print the desired data.

What should I do so my students can continue using this product in the summer?

Depending on your rostering method, your class might not be available during the summer. For example, if you rostered through RGP, your classes and students are added and edited automatically, so please contact your administrator if you need them to be updated or wish to keep them during the summer. Otherwise, your class will remain active until you delete it. This means your students can access Lalilo throughout the summer.

If you want your students to use Lalilo for the summer, make sure you provide them with Home Code. Students can then go to from their home computers, click on “Log In” and “Student at Home,” then enter their code and continue practicing where they left off.

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  1. If you are a Clever partner, pause your data feed.
  2. Some myON reports are not designed to be run for previous school years. We suggest running reports before the new school year start date based on the type of data your school needs.
  3. The myON school year automatically rolls over each year on the School Year Start Date. By default, July 1st is the roll over date for all districts unless customized by District Administrators.
  4. Provide families insights and tips for reading in myON with children of any age during the summer.
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  1. Tips for setting roster visibility for summer and rollover dates can be found here.
  2. What will Schoolzilla Admins, School Leaders, and Teachers see in Schoolzilla over summer?
  3. Want to prepare your Schoolzilla Dashboards for the next school year? Check out the Summer Rollover Checklist.
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End of Year Wrap-up Recordings

These videos will help explain how to wrap up the school year for your Renaissance solutions:

Additional information for Summer 2024 and beyond

Set up summer school and/or new school year

District administrators are encouraged to learn more about the following topics by searching/browsing our Help Center based on your solution(s) of interest:

  • Tips for using Renaissance software during summer school
  • Adding/editing school years
  • Entering IP addresses and restricting student access (if students will be accessing from a local library or from home.)

School administrators are encouraged to:

Teacher reading on laptop in classroom

Plan and schedule professional learning

  • Select Professional Services that will lead you to greater success in 2024–2025.
  • Schedule summer/fall professional development now. Simply contact your representative or call (800) 338-4204.
  • Visit Renaissance-U to access guides, tutorials, and activities to refresh your knowledge of best practices.
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Additional information

  1. Have there been key personnel changes? Contact your Account Executive or Customer Support. We can help update your account information
  2. Do you have Custom Data Integration (CDI)? Your Data Integration team will contact you for planning summer use of the program, along with impactive fall plans and school year dates
  3. Visit the Summer Learning page for one-stop access to summer 2024 resources to learn how to address learning loss and foster student growth this summer

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