April 28, 2023

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. (April 28, 2023) – Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, recently announced that the Ohio Department of Education has approved Star CBM Reading as a screening assessment for characteristics of dyslexia.

Ohio approved Star CBM Reading in three essential categories: Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener, K–3 Diagnostic Assessment/Dyslexia Screener, and K–3 Diagnostic Assessment. This means that Star CBM can be used to cover all Ohio educators’ screening and dyslexia needs in one assessment. 

“We’re proud to provide Ohio districts with valid and reliable assessments that provide a comprehensive view of the whole child,” said Ellen Kaye, Regional Vice President at Renaissance. “Now that Star CBM is an approved dyslexia screener, districts have even more ways to get the most of their Star Assessment Suite and see every student.”

Star Assessments are already being used by many Ohio districts for universal screening, and Star CBM Reading allows educators to accurately assess students’ development for targeted instruction and intervention. This elite assessment system is now included on multiple Ohio Department of Education (ODE) approved lists for the 2023–2024 school year:

  • Alternative Reading Assessment (The Third Grade Guarantee)
  • Alternative Assessments for Grades 3–8: ELA
  • Alternative Assessments for Grades 3–8: Math
  • High Quality Student Data
  • Gifted Student: Identification
  • Gifted Student: Prescreening
  • Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener
  • K–3 Diagnostic Assessment/Dyslexia Screener
  • K–3 Diagnostic Assessment 

According to the ODE’s website, “This (approval) process is intended to inform districts of possible multiple uses for various assessments,” and to “assist districts in selecting tools that will maximize their use of time and resources and provide high educational value.”  

Ohio educators can learn more about Star CBM Reading by visiting https://www.renaissance.com/products/star-cbm/.

For more information about the recent ODE approval, visit https://education.ohio.gov/Topics/List-of-Approved-Assessments/Approved-Assessments-List-FAQ.

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