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A literacy growth solution to send pre-K–12 reading growth soaring

Watch students’ reading growth reach new heights when you combine valid, state-specific screening and progress monitoring, 24/7 access to a digital library, and proven-effective personalized reading practice. Guide every student and school to success with assessment-driven practice, access to digital books and articles, and instructional resources that lead students to mastery on your state’s own learning path.

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Assessment-driven reading practice and digital access to motivate, engage, and inspire every learner

Move students more quickly toward mastery of ELA standards with valid, state-specific reading assessment, 24/7 access to a digital library offering as many as 13,000 books, and goal-driven, personalized reading practice with quizzes for nearly 200,000 titles.

Renaissance products, used together, provide a complete literacy growth solution that empowers educators to motivate students, measure literacy skills, and monitor progress toward state-specific learning standards. Along with access to digital books, articles, and personalized goals for every student, teachers can seamlessly tap into instructional resources that have the greatest impact on growth and achievement in your state.

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Together, Star Assessments, Accelerated Reader, and myON Reader bring you:

Bringing assessment-driven personalized practice and digital access together to spark amazing growth!

How the products work together:


Star assessment data helps direct your students’ independent reading activity by feeding the goal-setting tools in Accelerated Reader.


Personalized reading suggestions in both Accelerated Reader and myON Reader engage students through self-selected reading practice. Students can choose to read anytime, anywhere — in print or digital format.


Watch students excel in print and digital independent reading and master critical vocabulary, literacy, and close reading skills as they read, work through activities in myON Reader, and connect to Accelerated Reader quizzes.


Rich data and reporting from Accelerated Reader, myON Reader, and Star Assessments offers deep insight into students’ reading activities, growth, and mastery to help teachers guide each student to the desired outcomes.

A literacy growth solution helps drive 100% literacy and A-grade rankings in two states

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