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As a research-based, research-proven program, Freckle meets the criteria for a wide range of funding sources intended to spur academic achievement.  By using Freckle to pinpoint knowledge gaps and determine where to spend instructional time, educators can provide literacy and math practice at appropriate levels for every student.

To help support meaningful student growth in your school or district, Renaissance’s expert funding team has created several resources to assist you in finding, applying for, and securing funding for your Freckle implementation.

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Identify available funding sources

Common funding sources for Freckle

Schools and districts typically use one or more of the sources below to purchase Freckle.

School & District Budgets

Many educators secure funding by requesting allocations from existing school or district budgets.

State & Federal Funds

Both formula and competitive funding may be available through your state or the US Department of Education.

Foundation & Corporate Grants

Local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and national companies often offer grants to support education.

Find correlations, guidance documents, and other funding resources

Visit Renaissance’s comprehensive funding page for additional support.

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Recommended research

Students who practiced math using Freckle saw higher levels of growth from fall-to-winter. This positive outcome increased as students engaged in practice that met or exceeded Freckle guidelines and as they used the program for more weeks in the school year.

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