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FastBridge’s research-based assessments have been developed in collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Minnesota, Georgia, Missouri, Buffalo, South Florida, as well as Penn State and Syracuse University. Our goal is to expedite bringing new assessments and innovations to educators.

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How it works

How does FastBridge work?

All FastBridge assessments are developed through a rigorous research process. Only those that demonstrate high-quality research and significant outcomes receive technical documentation and become assessments.


Initial development

Ideas are translated into a research study with defined materials, participants, procedures, and techniques to measure outcomes.


Studies and Documentation

Once the research plan is verified, controlled studies are conducted to see if the idea works under ideal conditions. Technical documentation is sent to researchers who are experts in the same topic as the study.


Lab status

The assessment has been researched and verified in controlled studies and is now available to districts for a limited, trial use to gather feedback.


Endorsed assessment

With multiple sources of high-quality research, the assessment measure is released from Lab and becomes an endorsed assessment for instructional decision making.

Move your state initiatives forward

FastBridge aligns to your state standards

Learn how FastBridge’s universal screening tools are aligned to your state’s ELA and math learning standards, as well as national standards. Select your state to get started.

Select your state and review the state study:

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Whitepapers, special reports, guides, and more

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Selecting Assessments and Programs to Support High-Quality SEL for Youth and Adults

Learn key characteristics of an effective adult and youth SEL program, how using universal SEB screening data supports equity, the importance of systematic SEL, and more.

Alignment Guide

Supporting Social-Emotional Behavior Skill Development: Using SAEBRS Assessments & Second Step® Programs Together

Learn how to use Second Step programs in tandem with the SAEBRS assessment suite to bolster SEL supports and effectively allocate key SEL resources in your school or district.

Real stories from real educators

Success stories from districts like yours

Large urban district improves literacy scores in every racial group

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) chose FastBridge to provide equitable support to students struggling to read—and saw the biggest increase in literacy scores in ten years.

District uses social- emotional behavior (SEB) data to help drive impactful interventions

Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) combines social-emotional behavior (SEB) assessments with academic screening and progress monitoring to gain clearer insight into the “why” behind which skills students are struggling with.

Join FastBridge's research efforts

Calling all investigators!

Are you a doctoral student, faculty member, or state department of education employee? We welcome the use of our measures in ongoing research. If you are interested, please email [email protected], and the research department will reach out to you soon.

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    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Primary Education

    2022 2021

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    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School - Secondary Education

    2022 2021

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    Tech Edvocate Awards

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    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence


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