Data & collaboration tools for MTSS and school improvement

Turn data into action

Move beyond data collection and seamlessly pull whole child data directly into your daily work and decision making.

Identify student needs in real time

Explore all current and historic data to understand what each learner needs so you can align the right whole child supports, build student relationships, and improve student outcomes.

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Build your best intervention program

Discover a one-stop hub for entering, tracking, and evaluating intervention effectiveness across academic, social-emotional behavior (SEB), and attendance interventions by student, group, strategy, and overall program.

eduClimber intervention program

Improve PBIS and monitor disproportionality with interactive behavior analytics

Drill down into real-time behavior incident reports to examine patterns across behavior types, administrative responses, motivations, location, and time of day to allocate resources, address student needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of PBIS efforts.

PBIS data and reporting

Collaborate around data and move action steps forward

Easily use data in daily decision making with collaboration tools for meetings, student plan templates to document growth and needs, sharable custom reports, action items, and more.

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Visualize student growth and progress toward your strategic goals with data dashboards

Get a holistic view of what’s happening in the district, monitor key initiatives in real time, and drive system-level adjustments throughout the year with interactive dashboards and action planning tools.

educlimber data dashboards

See the students behind the data to advance equity in schools

Easily disaggregate whole child data through a variety of lenses to identify patterns in proficiency, risk, and growth; reveal trends for different groups of students; highlight practices that require examination; and improve outcomes for all learners.

eduCLIMBER Equity Monitoring

How it works

How does eduCLIMBER work?



Access all current and historic whole child data in real time from one centralized platform. Each user sees the students and data assigned to them.



Explore interactive data visualizations across measures and years to answer key questions around student needs and growth, intervention effectiveness, equity, and more.



Use built-in collaboration workflow tools to problem solve as a team; drive decisions for the district, schools, grades, and students; and put next steps into action without ever leaving the platform.



Use one system to answer the question, “Is what we’re doing working?” across all roles, teams, and departments. Celebrate successes and make timely adjustments where needed.

A closer look

Eliminate data silos, binders, and disjointed systems

Flexible integration options make it easy to get current and historic data into eduCLIMBER for a holistic view into student, group, grade, school, and district growth and needs.

Get the whole child data picture in one place, including:

  • Academics
  • Social-emotional behavior (SEB)
  • Interventions
  • Attendance
  • Behavior incidents
  • School climate and culture
  • Qualitative data and teacher notes
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL) surveys
  • Student plans
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Automate data from your student information system and third-party assessments.

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Upload local assessment data and easily import summary or survey data from Google Sheets.

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Direct Entry

Direct-enter interventions, behavior incidents, and student plans.

teacher with tablet

Teachers are looking at eduCLIMBER from the perspective of, ‘How can we use this to eliminate ten other things we’re doing?

Dr. Allison Jordan • Director of Testing, Research & Evaluation, Newton County School System (NCSS)

More resources

Product Sheet

Learn how eduCLIMBER can help you ensure success for all students

Key Reports Booklet

See how eduCLIMBER’s data visualizations and interactive tools provide insights to accelerate learning

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