Assessment creation and standards-based reporting

Know the right instructional next step to take

Continually move learning forward for every student with clarity into which standards students have already mastered and where reteaching is needed.

Connect assessment to instruction with assessment creation

Use our high-quality standards-based assessment content to build assessments tightly aligned to your scope and sequence—or customize any of our prebuilt assessments—for authentic, information-rich data on student learning.

DnA Assessment Creation

Deeply understand mastery with standards-based reports

Gain instant visibility into standards mastery from many lenses: by district, school, grade, or class; by standard across many assessments; by individual item; and more.

DnA standards-based reports

Visualize trends across assessments with custom reporting

Use custom reporting to easily triangulate data across multiple DnA assessments alongside other imported assessment data (e.g., Star, FastBridge, and third-party data) for more holistic insights into student performance.

DnA Custom reports

Easily target feedback to specific student misconceptions

Instant results include distractor rationales and rich metadata, equipping teachers to confidently and accurately address specific learning disconnects through in-the-moment feedback.

DnA target feedback

Instruct and assess with live proctoring

Use this interactive and engaging feature to support standards-based instruction, easily spin up and administer a quick check on learning, and guide reteaching in the moment.

DnA live proctoring

Build the perfect assessment with item creation

Easily author your own items and passages to augment our existing item bank, and use your created items for online or paper/pencil assessment administrations.

DnA Item Creation

How it works



Use our prebuilt assessments or easily create your own. Utilize our valid, reliable, and standards-based item bank for any assessment.


Instruct and assess

Use items to teach and then to assess. Choose from multiple assessment methods: paper/pencil, online, or a combination.



Get instant prebuilt or custom reporting for every teacher-based and district-created assessment. Explore results by standard, item, and more and dig into metadata for deeper insights.


Move learning forward

Accurately understand learning for every student and drive instruction based on data. Maximize instruction with continuous insights into standards mastery.

A closer look

DnA assessment types

Assessment creation, made easy. DnA supports flexible ways to build assessments with options for online, paper/pencil, or mixed administration methods, so you can always choose what works best for your team.

Item Bank Assessments

Utilize our highest-quality item bank to easily create assessments aligned to the appropriate standards, DOK, and passage Lexile®—or use your own items.

DnA Iem Bank Assessments

Flexible Assessments

Upload your existing assessments via PDF to avoid recreating them in DnA, while also receiving the in-depth standards-based reporting that DnA provides.

DnA Flex Assessment


Quickly create a paper/pencil multiple choice assessment and scan results for instant grading for a formative check on student learning.

DnA on the fly

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