Given the disruptions caused by COVID-19, we want to ensure your students have access to valuable learning resources at home. This is a guide for parents and families who would like to use Freckle to keep their kids engaged in learning during these challenging times.

Freckle is an online learning platform that allows students to practice Math and English Language Arts at their own level. Freckle continuously adapts to each student’s individual skills, so each student is getting the appropriate challenge, whether they’re working at, above, or below grade level.

Students can access Freckle from home for free using an iPad or computer. (See supported browsers and devices here.)

If your child already uses Freckle through school

Many schools and teachers already use Freckle in the classroom. If your child already uses Freckle at school, then they already have a student account, and there is no need for you to sign up for a new account. We recommend asking your child’s teacher if they already use Freckle.

Students can access Freckle by going to or downloading the Freckle iPad app from the App Store. Students can log in using their name and their unique class code, which you can get from your child’s teacher.

Depending on the level of instruction your school is providing during school closures, your child’s teacher may use Freckle in a few different ways, including assigning practice or instructing students to practice on their own in Freckle.

Freckle Class Code
Freckle Assignments


Teachers may choose to assign work to your student. Any assignments will appear in your student’s dashboard.

Teachers may assign math practice, ELA practice, or social studies or science articles to students. Students should focus on assignments from their teacher before moving onto other activities in Freckle.

Freckle at home for families who are new to Freckle

Independent practice

Instead of assigning practice, your teacher may simply ask students to practice in Freckle on their own for a certain amount of time every day or week. Even if the teacher doesn’t give you specific instructions, your child can access Freckle and practice on their own at any time.

There are several different, age-appropriate and skill level-appropriate math and ELA activities that students can practice independently. Your child’s teacher may tell you which activities they would like students to complete. If not, you can scroll down in this guide to see the different activities that your child can access on their own in Freckle and help them decide what to practice.

If you and your child are using Freckle for the first time

If your child is not using Freckle through school, but you want them to use Freckle to learn and grow while they are at home, then you can sign up for a free parent account.

To set up your account, go to and click “Sign up free.” You will need to enter some basic information. The free version of Freckle is not a limited-time trial; it will stay free. When asked for your role, select “Parent.” Fill in your child’s name, select the grade level your child is currently in and select English or Spanish language.

Once you’ve finished setting up your class, your child can get started by going to or opening the Freckle iPad app and logging in using the six-digit class code.

Freckle Class Code
Freckle Activities

Students start off in Freckle with a pre-test to determine their perfect starting point. These tests are each 12 questions or less. From there, students can practice at their own level in Freckle at any time. See below for a list of the activities your child can complete in Freckle!

You are also welcome to explore the teacher dashboardThere are many fun and interesting activities, including social studies and science activities, available to you on the free version of Freckle.

Social studies and science activities are not discoverable on the student dashboard, so if you want to do these projects with your child, you will need to go to your teacher dashboard to assign articles, watch videos, and view activity resources.

Please remember that Freckle was designed for teachers and schools, so some of the reports and other features in the teacher dashboard may not seem very useful to you as a parent or guardian. If in doubt, you can simply have your student log in and practice on their own.

Student activities in Freckle

Adaptive Math

Freckle Adaptive Math

Adaptive Math (grades K-8): Math practice at each student’s individual level.

Number Basics

Freckle Number Basics

Number Basics (grades K-2): Number recognition and counting practice.

Number Facts

Freckle Number Facts

Number Facts (grades K-2): Foundational addition and subtraction practice.

Fact Practice

Freckle Fact Practice

Fact Practice (grades K-8): Quick math operation drills.

High School Math

High School Math screen

High School Math (grades 8-12): Engaging math practice for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.


Students earn digital “coins” for their correct answers in Freckle. Once they have completed a level or earned a certain number of coins, they can visit the “Piggy Store” to purchase decorations for their avatar, such as t-shirts, wigs, and accessories.

There is nothing in Freckle that you will need to purchase with real money, and we will never ask for your credit card number.

Freckle Rewards

Additional help

If you need more help using Freckle, feel free to explore these resources. Please keep in mind that most of these resources were designed for teachers and the classroom setting, but they should still help you find answers to many of your questions.

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