If you are a Renaissance administrator, your to-do list:

  1. Add the new school year.
  2. Update your roster (see below for roster options and information).
  3. Review screening windows and make adjustments if necessary.
  4. Review adjust settings preferences, for example:

If you are a Renaissance teacher/librarian, your to-do list:

  1. Review classes once set up.
  2. Make sure you can locate your student usernames and passwords.
  3. Review product implementation resources below.


Rostering options

The Renaissance Growth Platform offers several options for rostering. Each offers various advantages depending on your school and district needs.

  1. Import Roster Data
    There are three types of imports to choose from when importing roster data into the Renaissance Growth Platform. Follow these instructions on how to import a file. Please review the file requirements below for the different options:

Please note that staff emails are now required to be included in the single file imports.

  1. Automated rostering with Custom Data Integration
    Renaissance offers a paid rostering solution called Custom Data Integration. If you have purchased this, a Data Specialist will reach out to you shortly with information on next steps.
  2. Manual Rostering
    You can manually add new students or personnel after your initial rostering is complete. This is a great option as minor enrollment changes happen throughout the school year. You can edit or add student users, school-level staff users or district-level users.
  3. Shared Rostering
    Once you have rostered onto the Renaissance Growth Platform, you can take advantage of Shared Rostering. This new feature allows you to share your roster data regularly and automatically with other Renaissance products including Freckle, myON and Schoolzilla.

If you are interested in learning more about Shared Rostering, please contact [email protected] to set up a time to discuss.

Renaissance Growth Platform Rostering Document

Happy student

Back-to-School resources:

Get started with resources to set up your new school year in your software, and get your students off to their best start in school and/or continuous learning outside of the school buildings.

Implementation Help File Resources:

Clearing Locks Help Files:

Setting IP Addresses and Product Access:

How you set your IP restrictions will vary depending on if you are back in the physical school buildings, remote learning, or a combination of in-school and remote.

Check and update IP addresses and product access settings

Student helping another student

Star Assessment Videos

View the AssessMinute videos to learn more about complex assessment topics.

Product Features and Updates

Get details on new features and enhancements that support student learning.

Some of the Key Star Assessments Updates Include:

  • Star CBM Lectura
  • Star + Nearpod Connection
  • Star Phonics

Accelerated Reader

Start the school year as strong readers!

Implementation Resources and Help Files:

Accelerated Reader Videos:

Explore the Literacy Minute videos.

New Accelerated Reader Features for 2022-2023:

Get details on new features and enhancements that support student learning.

Some of the key updates include:

Join Renaissance Royals, an award-winning online community for Renaissance educators

Connect with peers, complete activities and earn points toward prizes, access resources, and more!

Honor Roll
The 2022–2023 National Honor Roll begins August 15, 2022.

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