March 6, 2024

Moreover, the additional growth achieved by struggling readers who use Lalilo is equivalent to six additional weeks of instruction.

BLOOMINGTON, MN (March 6, 2024)Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, announces the release of a new study demonstrating the efficacy of the Lalilo foundational literacy practice program. This new study, which involves more than 15,000 US students in grades K‒2, shows that learners who use Lalilo experience higher levels of growth in general literacy achievement than those who do not. The study further demonstrates that the additional growth achieved by struggling readers who use Lalilo with fidelity is equivalent to six additional weeks of classroom instruction.

Using data from the 2022‒2023 school year, the study compares the literacy growth of 15,839 students who used Lalilo to the growth of 88,935 students in the same districts who did not use the program. Additional findings include:

  • Struggling readers and English Language Learner (ELL) students who used Lalilo experienced more growth than comparable students who did not use the program.
  • Students who used Lalilo at or above recommended levels experienced more growth relative both to students who used it below recommended levels and to students who do not use Lalilo at all.
  • Even moderate (below recommended) use of Lalilo was associated with greater growth relative to students not using the program.

      “We’re excited to share these findings, which validate that even moderate use of Lalilo was associated with accelerated development of essential literacy skills,” said Eric Stickney, Vice President of Educational Research at Renaissance. “Ensuring a strong start in literacy is a priority in every school, and this study highlights the key role that Lalilo can play in helping learners to build that solid foundation.”

      This is the second recent study to focus on Lalilo’s positive impact on improving reading. In January, Renaissance shared a study conducted by WestEd of educators’ attitudes toward the Lalilo program. In the WestEd study, educators confirmed that Lalilo effectively differentiates foundational literacy instruction and practice, motivates students to learn, and improves students’ overall reading skills.

      Designed for students in K‒2+, Lalilo is built on Science of Reading research and provides explicit and systematic instruction and practice on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and more. Lalilo provides students with immediate corrective feedback, and students can use Lalilo both in and out of the classroom.

      To download the new Lalilo outcomes study, visit the study here. To learn more about Lalilo, visit

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