What Kids Are Reading:
And the Path to College and Careers

What are kids reading?

The 2016 edition of Renaissance Learning’s popular annual report presents tried and true lists of popular reading choices for students nationwide, including the books students are reading most overall, nonfiction selections by gender, and popular books categorized by text complexity. As always, this report is based on a wealth of data from the Accelerated Reader 360 database—9.8 million students, 31,327 schools, 334 million books.

Rankings are based on the Accelerated Reader 360 database, the largest of its kind. No other study captures students' reading behaviors on this scale.

Why it matters...

But this year, that is just the beginning. What Kids Are Reading: And the Path to College and Careers delves deeper into the Accelerated Reader 360 database to determine key characteristics of student reading practice, examine the state of nonfiction reading in the United States, and investigate how student reading compares to new text complexity expectations.

Visit Learnalytics.com/wkar/ to access the report, learn more about what kids are reading, create customized popular book lists, and more.

2016 Edition

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